Indie games developer BIGUMAKU announces Muvimi, a pocket-sized movie studio

London – London-based indie games studio BIGUMAKU has launched its first iOS app Muvimi, which is available today worldwide from the iOS App Store. Muvimi is a pocket-sized animated movie studio targeted at Gen Z, millennials and beyond, which allows players to make their own cartoon avatars and use them to create exciting, customisable cartoon movies that are ready to share on social media.

Muvimi allows players to become the stars of their own show through the actor customisation tool. They can choose hairstyles, clothes, accessories – every detail down to the shape of the actor’s .

Users then animate their avatars in a range of ways – by programming their movements and expressions and letting them interact with props and each other. They can also give their characters a voice by recording speech directly into the app, using automated lip sync technology to simply and easily create a high-quality cartoon.

After recording the clips, the player can select and reorder them in the simple editing suite. Once they’re happy with their film, users can premiere their cartoon movie to the world by sharing directly to social media.

Muvimi is the first offering from BIGUMAKU, a new indie games developer which combines cutting-edge artistic visuals with innovative gaming techniques to create apps for young people over thirteen. Muvimi is free to download on the App Store from 21 June. In-app purchases range from 99p to £20. Download it here.

Key features include:

  • An animated movie studio in your pocket
  • Turn yourself into a star with the actor customisation to
  • Loads of combos to customise your actors
  • Multiple sets available, from Hometown Drama to Fantasy and Sci-Fi
  • Share directly to social media or save to your device
  • Buddy up with your friends to collaborate on movies
  • Perfect for sending funny messages, refining story-writing skills and more

James Wilson, co-founder and creative director of BIGUMAKU

“Part of the magic of Muvimi is that it allows anyone to direct and star in their own film, no matter how unique the idea. We want to encourage everyone to unlock their creative genius and give them the opportunity to showcase their talent.”

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