IKEA India Collaborates With Zuper for Managing On-field Assembly Co-workers

Zuper, India’s leading field service management platform became a partner of choice for IKEA India to empower on-field assembly coworkers and offer a delightful end-to-end experience to customers from purchase to installation and assembly.

IKEA’s range of do-it-yourself (DIY) furniture usually requires some assembly at home but to cater to the local needs and sentiments, IKEA India plans to offer trained in-house assembly coworkers for customers to build the furniture once they are delivered.

“Zuper’s goal is to ensure organizations can dispatch the right field workforce to the right place with the right knowledge & tools at the right time, every time. This aligns with IKEA India’s vision of providing the best after sales experience by empowering the service teams both in the office and on the field with Zuper and offering the most comprehensive, professional and skilled assembly and installation services to the Indian customers. Zuper continues to be the platform of choice for ‘enterprise-grade’ field workforce management and this win is a huge testament of the platform capability, our deep expertise, and the enterprise focus,” said Anand Balaji, CEO and Co-Founder of Zuper.

“As we get closer to the first IKEA India store opening, we are working to create a convenient and affordable service offer for Indian customers. DIY or Do-it-yourself is still a new concept in India and we will invest heavily to provide affordable and quality services. We are very happy to partner with Zuper, who will ensure that our 150 in-house assembly coworkers are well coordinated and delivering efficient and timely services to Hyderabadi customers every time. Zuper is a rich & flexible platform and meets all our needs to empower the coworkers with a modern mobile first, cloud first solution and transform the customer experience. To further strengthen our service offer, besides the in-house team, we will also engage local carpenters in Hyderabad society to assemble IKEA products in customers’ homes through an external platform,” said Patrik Antoni, Deputy Country Manager, IKEA India.

IKEA India evaluated multiple vendors and selected Zuper for the extensibility, security, compliance and the rich ecosystem that it offers to manage field and remote workforce in the most efficient manner. With Zuper, IKEA India plans to manage the on-field coworkers with the fit for purpose technology and ensure they are operating at the highest level of productivity. The back office, customer support teams, and the field coworkers will connect and collaborate to effectively schedule work orders, manage communications, share real-time status updates, and provide the best service experience to the customers.

The flexibility of the Zuper platform has enabled IKEA India to customize workflows and integrate with the global point of sales and supply chain platform. Zuper software as a service (SaaS) model enables IKEA India to scale up and down based on the demands and be agile in a dynamic environment.

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