Processes over one million complex sweep structures over 7,500 instructions / sec

Intellect, the organisation behind the world’s first comprehensive Global Transaction Banking (iGTB) product and Platinum level member of Oracle Partner Network (OPN), achieves 10 times faster benchmarks on Liquidity Platform running on SPARC T7 servers for processing transactions covering the key functions of corporate Algorithmic Liquidity Management (ALM). The iGTB solution can process over one million complex sweep structures at 7,516 instructions per second. It is also capable of processing over 200,000 transactions with up-to-three-months back dated sweeps in a little over three minutes; and over a million with full inter company loan processing in nine minutes (1,692 per second).

Algorithmic Liquidity Processing automatically moves money held by corporations and banks around the world into investments to maximize its value, avoiding overdrafts and to minimize risk of losing money. This huge daily activity is even more vital in a world of negative interest rates and real time payments. iGTB processes liquidity for a large number of corporations in the world through their banks using its Algorithmic Liquidity Solution. The solution automates cross border, cross currency and cross bank liquidity management with no manual intervention. The resultant advantages of Algorithmic Liquidity Solution include best returns on idle balances and increased transparency for regulatory compliance.

It is a highly complex, rule-driven, automated process that has to cater for regulatory restrictions inany of over 160 countries,” says Manish Maakan, CEO, iGTB.“It demands tax calculations (including an especially computer-intensive issue reworking earlier calculations where payments are back dated and need reworking daily up to three months backwards), automatic initiation and execution, complex rules for automating treasury decisions on money movement and investment, fair interest deduction, repayment and audit of intercompany loans and even more complex interest or margin allocation across ‘notional pools,’ which treat multiple accounts as a single holding for interest purposes.

This represents volumes higher than the current requirements of iGTB’s largest customers (who include banks in the global top-ten list), leaving headroom for growth. Maakan adds “What is especially impressive about these tests is that they are using volumes that are above some of the largest banks in the world, showing that all banks – and therefore all corporations worldwide – should be able to benefit from the most suitable sweeping and pooling, no matter what complexities the regulators and corporate treasurers demand.”

“Oracle’s SPARC T7 servers with their breakthrough Software in Silicon technology provide Security in Silicon and Analytics Accelerators that prove to be extremely powerful for financial services applications. Intellect’s latest iGBT Liquidity results on SPARC T7 demonstrate the unprecedented efficiency, security and performance capabilities of these servers with Oracle Database 12c and

WebLogic Server 12c for critical banking functions.” – Ganesh Ramamurthy, Senior Vice President,

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