IDHub Foundation becomes a member of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance

IDHub Foundation has recently announced its entrance into the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA). IDHub will realize its low-level blockchain structure and the docking of technology using blockchain digital identity on the Ethereum platform so as to achieve full development and integration into the Ethereum ecosystem. On top of drawing resources and vigor from EEA, IDHub will collaborate with its partners to promote privacy, security and scalability on the Ethereum blockchain, with the aim of making them more applicable to enterprise-level applications.

As the world’s largest open-source blockchain research organization, EEA is devoted to building, promoting and supporting the best applications, open standards, and open-source reference architectures based on Ethereal technology.

Through developing and instituting standards and upgrading technology collaboratively, it empowers and aids the deployment of enterprise-level blockchain technology platforms. The rapid growth of EEA from February the previous year, has seen its members soar to above 500 and included organizations like Microsoft, Intel, JP Morgan, Swiss Credit Suisse, UBS, Thomson Reuters and other large conglomerates, as well as many blockchain enterprises such as Consensys, Nuco, and Blockapps.

Mr QuMing, the founder and director of IDHub Foundation, has delightfully pointed out that the integration into the EEA ecosystem would further strengthen the development of IDHub’s four cornerstones: identity autonomy, security, privacy and assets, which are in congruence with EEA’s efforts to enhance privacy and security on the Ethereum blockchain. IDHub Foundation aspires to collaborate with other members of the Alliance to improve on the Ethereum blockchain and to advance the use of Ethereum technology, as well as initiating enterprise-level solutions across industries.

EEA has been instrumental in IDHub’s successive launches in E-government and public services, among others. IDHub Foundation is beginning to expand the reach of the Internet and has partnered with Hivelocity, a well-known Japanese entertainment and electronic platform, to provide identity authentication services to 600,000 of its users. By seeking broad consensus tirelessly on ideas and technology, IDHub is formally embarking on its new march on internationalization by laying the technological foundation for digital identity.

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