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A Product of Bao Viet Life

According to the statistics of the Social Insurance Department –Ministry of EmployeesInvalids and Social Affairs of Vietnam, 62,6% of the approximately 11,2 million elderly people in Vietnam do not have pensions or allowances from the Government.

Viet Nam will enter aging period since 2017, the proportion of elderly people (over 60 years old) starts rising strongly since 2015 and will be increased in the future. The elderly people shall account for 26,1% of the total population in 2050. Aging population will create a heavy burden for government in term of healthcare and pensions.

In order to meet market demand and to provide working people a comfort and relief for their retirement’s saving and healthcare, Bao Viet Life has launched “HưutríVữngNghiệp” product since 1st December 2015. The product helps to strengthen the relationship between employees and employers, contribute to release the burden of the Government and increase life quality of the retirees..



Prudent and effective investment

The contribution from the enterprise will be invested into Voluntary Pension Fund of BaoViet Life and shall earn the investment return of the Fund.

The Voluntary Pension Fund investment strategy is to invest in secured product such as government bond, corporate bond, bank deposits and others in line with the regulations, and less in risky assets such as equity.

Reward schemes for excellent individual and talents

The enterprise could contribute more into the fund as special bonus for excellent individual and talents to increase these employee’s benefits.

Tax incentives for Enterprises

The contribution of the enterprises into the fund will be accounted as tax deductible expenses.

Flexibly establish or adjust the pension plan in accordance with the changes in the business operation of the Enterprise 

  • Flexible in planning contribution for each Pension account of each member based on ranking, seniority; performance of each member…

The contribution level is chosen depending on the financial capacity of the enterprise and employees: base on the monthly salary of the Member or a specific amount

  • Flexible contribution method: single payment, regular payment, top-up, single with top up payment.
  • Flexible contribution rate: the Enterprise may contribute all or the enterprise and member together contribute to increase benefits.
  • When the employees changes their job, the pension account value will be switched to individual pension policy or other group pension policy (in BaoViet Life or other insurance company)


Vietnam population is in aging period and the average life expectancy is increasing, longevity risk- the risk of a retired person living longer while their income and retirement savings cannot be covered for the elderly life – are becoming the issue that should be a big concerned in Vietnam. “Hưu trí vững nghiệp” product launched is a solution not only for Vietnamese community but it is also an effective strategic financial solution for enterprises while strengthening the relationship between employeess and employers in order to contribute to a civilized society, humanity and stable economy based on guarantee the human values.

For enterprises, Hữu trí vững nghiệp can help in:

  • Increasing income and welfare for employees, especially for the period after retirement age;
  • Increasing employee engagement with the enterprise, motivating employees to engage in and dedicate in the long-term to the enterprise;
  • Expressing enterprise’ attention to employee’ personal life and well being
  • Building brand reputation for the enterprise and attracting talent;
  • Reduce financial burdens of the enterprise when the employee is unfortunately at risk.

For employees, Hữu trí vững nghiệp means

  • The employees have bonus income at retirement besides the retirement pension earned from the Social Insruance;
  • The employees are more secured to have long-term committment with the enterprise;
  • Ensuring the financial security for employees and dependents over the risks in life during the working time in the enterprise;
  • Saving for the future plans in an effective way.

“Hưu trí vững nghiệp” product is designed to provide benefits for both employers and employees, where the main goal is to offer employees an additional income at  retirement while also ensure the insurance benefit for employees during the working time. The product will provide an attractive and long-term welfare schemes to increase the connection between the employees and their enterprise, motivating employees to have a long-term committment. With specially taloired benefit’s features, Hưu trí Vững Nghiệp would be the best welfare program to accompany with the Enterprises in the 21st Century.

Overview of Bao Viet Life Corporation

Bao Viet Life Corporation is a 100% subsidiary of Baoviet Holdings – the leading Finance & Insurance Group in Vietnam. Having the first life insurance policy issued in 1996, Bao Viet Life Corporation is the pioneering life insurance company in Vietnam.

Over the past 20 years, Bao Viet Life has provided financial plan and protection for more than 5,000,000 customers with benefits of about USD1.35 billion paid out to the customers. Bao Viet Life always stands among the TOP life insurance corporation in term of market share thanks to its high and sustainable growth rate. As of the end of 2015, total premium revenue of Bao Viet Life was nearly USD450 million, accounted for 26.6% of total market share.

Bao Viet Life currently employs 1,700 staffs and nearly 100,000 agents throughout its networks of 65 branches and 300 transaction offices in 63 provinces. The diversified product portfolio with more than 50 products offers a great choice for Bao Viet Life’s customers. 

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