End-to-End Biometrics Solution Will Replace Usernames, Passwords and Log-ins

Although biometrics have been around for decades, to date, they have not been widely adopted for secure identification, because there was no convenient, easy or cost-effective way to use them. Today, Hoyos Labs, a recently launched digital infrastructure company, announced the debut of HoyosIDTM, a free mobile app for Android and iPhone devices that will leverage biometrics to securely and accurately authenticate one’s identity and eradicate the need for usernames and passwords.

Biometrics Solution
Biometrics Solution

A key differentiator of the HoyosID mobile app is that it leverages smartphones as real-time biometrics pattern acquisition devices; there is no need for additional hardware to carry. This technology moves authentication out of a browser’s username and password fields and on to the mobile device at no cost to the user.

The app uses the forward-facing camera on a phone to capture biometrics – periocular, iris and facial – to identify and log-in the user to his or her desktop device. The app also includes a unique “liveness” detector (capable of distinguishing a real person from an image or video) and pattern matching to verify that the person who is attempting to log-on to a system or complete a transaction is, in fact, the true identity. This authentication takes less than one minute and allows users to access multiple sites – from Facebook to online banking and beyond.

Although the Hoyos platform does include its own proprietary biometrics, the platform is “biometrics agnostic” and supports any other third-party biometric technology through the Biometric Open Protocol Standard (BOPS).

“One hindrance to the widespread adoption of biometrics to date is that people are hesitant to carry around another token to confirm their identities – it’s just one more thing to lose,” said Hector Hoyos, CEO of Hoyos Labs. “At Hoyos Labs, we understand that the solution isn’t in the hardware itself. This is why we focused on creating a technology that will work with mobile devices – the HoyosID app – as most people are already carrying their phones everywhere that they travel.”

“The HoyosID app is changing how we think about biometrics and secure identity authentication,” continued Hoyos. “Biometrics is not an end in itself; rather, it is one piece of the identity assertion puzzle that needs a secure back-end to work effectively, and we have created a secure ecosystem that will benefit both customers and corporations.”

Hoyos Labs is headed by Hector Hoyos, whose security and defense products have helped to protect lives and properties for decades. In addition to holding multiple patents, he also invented the HBOX and EyeSwipe biometrics identity authentication technologies and founded Global Rainmakers, Inc. (later renamed EyeLock Corp.).

To see a demonstration of the HoyosID app, please visit Booth #75006 in Eureka Hall at the Venetian during the Consumer Electronics Show or e-mail [email protected] to schedule an appointment. For more information on Hoyos Labs and HoyosID, please visit:www.hoyoslabs.com. The app will be available for download later this month.

About Hoyos Labs
Hoyos Labs is a digital infrastructure security company with security, computer vision and biometrics and big data experts. The goal of Hoyos Labs is to develop and deploy enterprise and consumer identity assertion technology platforms that will conveniently and securely address the identity assertion challenges of today. Hoyos Labs currently has offices in New York, Boston, Bucharest (Romania) and Beijing (China).