How to start a food truck

Serving up food that delights those on a lunch break does not require a restaurant. Instead all you need is a food truck to bring gourmet sandwiches, burgers or regional cuisine to customers who are looking for a quick bite whether they are touring a city or on a break from work. Setting up and running a successful food truck; however, depends on more than just great recipes, as the entire operation has to be run as a business for it to be successful. Below we discuss how to start a food truck and ensure it is profitable through the years while pursuing your passion for creating delicious food.

Decide on what you are passionate about

Ensuring that a food truck delivers memorable meals to customers is a tiring experience and one which will often require you to work up to 60 hours per week. Passionately believing in the food or the cuisine that you specialize in allows you to remain motivated as you work long hours and deliver a superior experience to customers.

Pick a name and create a menu

Creating a fashionable name for your food truck helps improve its chance of success. Also, a neat and well-crafted menu showcased on a board will help customers quickly choose what to order.

Get a food truck permit

Most cities require that food truck operators get a permit before they set up one. In some cities there is a cap on the number of food trucks permits that are provided, and you might have to wait for an open slot. So, while planning to set up a food truck find out whether running a cheaper food cart is a better option.

Survey the local competition

Operating a food truck that offers gourmet sandwiches for lunch next to others that provide the same fare is not a good idea.Conduct a survey of the competition in your area and once you know what they offer, look into providing something that stands out from the crowd.

Look into how much a food truck costs and whether you need financing

Buying a food truck is much more expensive than it appears.  A new truck can be priced in the $100,000 range, so many instead opt for a one that is second hand. You can often find a secondhand truck for around $40,000 is easy. Secondhand trucks are also a good option if you need financing to set up a food truck.

Ensure your food truck takes advantage of its mobility

One major advantage that a food truck has compared to a traditional restaurant is mobility. This ability to move from one space to the next allows you to attract the most customers in the busiest areas in cities.

Keep customers informed of your location

If you change the location of your food truck during the week, then you need to keep customers informed of where you are set up. Operating a mobile friendly website to market your food truck and keep customers informed of your location is a good idea.

Approaching the setting up of a food truck with a business plan is one way to ensure that it does not fail within a few years. Also do not be shy about contacting those with experience in the food truck business, to get helpful tips on how to deliver a great experience to customers and make a profit.

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