How to Get Rich from Your Investment Portfolio?

Many people have an investment portfolio just to attain financial stability and independence. Several people aren’t satisfied with that because their main goal is to become rich. If you also have the same goal in mind, then we suggest that you read our simple yet effective tips on how to get rich from your investment portfolio.

  • Lend Money

The easiest answer to how to get rich from your investment portfolio is to let your existing money earn more money for you.

You can do that by using your savings to give loans to people who need it the most to build houses. If you find people who can’t get a bank loan due to any reason like they don’t have enough paperwork, you can even charge an interest rate that is higher than the banks and get rich easily. If you want something safer, then you can invest in bonds issued by corporations, municipal governments or other entities that need money to build hospitals, schools, etc.

  • Seek Cash Dividends

Another smart way to earn money is to collect cash dividends from businesses you own whether in part or completely. These dividends could be given in cash, and they are provided year after year by corporations like McDonald’s no matter whether the stock has decreased or increased in a given year. Just remember to buy a business that has the capacity to produce enough cash by selling its goods just like the way McDonald’s does by selling burgers, French fries and more.

  • Invest in a Growing Business

You can also get the answer to how to get rich from your investment portfolio by carefully studying the businesses in your vicinity and putting in money in a business that grows exponentially over the years. When it does, your money will also grow. The biggest benefit of such an investment is that you can simply sell your stake of the business at any time you want and earn a tidy profit. Need an example? You should know that people who bought a single share of The Coca-Cola company in 1919 at USD 40 can now get USD 15,000,000 for it.


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  • Own a Lucrative Property

Real estate prices are one of the signs of a good economy so you can’t go wrong by investing in good property. It is advised that you do proper research and buy a property that has the potential to attract higher rents in the future. For instance, you can buy a property at a beach and make it a holiday home for tourists or you can buy a property in a commercial area and rent it to working professionals who want to live near their workplace. Make sure that you keep the property in good shape and customize it according to the needs of the tenants as it will keep the value of the property high and would net you constant rent.


In essence, it can be said that the answers to how to get rich from your investment portfolio are easy. You just need to do a bit of research and let your money make more money for you. Give these tricks a go, and we are sure that you will be richer than you are in just a few months if you make decisions wisely and on good research.