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Just a few decades ago, stay-at-home mothers worked as maids while teenaged boys mowed lawns and raked leaves. Over time, these part-time money makers transformed into lucrative, full-time careers for men and women. Consider how cleaning services have become a multi-million dollar enterprise over the past fifty years.

The Need for Insurance

It was easy to hire the lady around the corner to clean your house before the holidays. She would be there in a few minutes and accepted cash to get the job done. Soon offices started to hire local people to clean up. The workload increased and locals would bring a helper to get the job done. This was the beginning of cleaning businesses as we know them today.

With more jobs and workers on board, there were greater risks. Items could get lost, broken or stolen during the cleaning process. A worker could trip over a faulty floorboard and get hurt. The need for insurance became evident. Now most people want to hire a cleaning company with a license, insurance and reliable transportation to the job. The days of walking around the corner to go to work are over.

The Popularity of Franchising

Typically, the start-up costs to start small cleaning businesses are minimal. The business needs to have a few cleaning supplies and transportation. Some cleaning companies request the client provide the supplies to ensure the job is done the way they want it. As clients request additional services such as steam cleaning, the cleaning crew might need to make additional investments. It is can also be costly to get a license and insurance as well as market the business.

Franchising takes the mystery out of starting and registering a cleaning business. People who want to pursue this career already get in on the ground floor of a well-established business people have heard of. The need to market their business is minimal. They can get to work right away rather than canvassing for clients. Today there are many lucrative cleaning franchises as well as large cleaning companies that choose to work independently.

Saving Money on Renovations

Hiring a cleaning service is a way to revamp your home or office space without investing in costly renovations. Businesses want a clean, professional environment where workers and clients feel comfortable. Residences need to be healthy and well-organized to keep people happy and well. Having a professional cleaning service maintaining the place on a schedule keeps it ready for occupants and visitors.

A clean space also looks more valuable. Even if the premises are old, they can be properly organized and tidy. This gives them a refreshed appearance without spending thousands of dollars on new furniture or updates. Many people hire a cleaning service to ensure their premises are always in the best possible shape.

Expanding Work Hours

Once upon a time, one parent stayed at home while the other went out to work. This meant there was someone at home to take care of the children, cooking and cleaning. This scenario has changed radically since most households require two incomes to survive. With both people working, it becomes impossible to handle all the little details such as cleaning the house.

Small businesses used to have a few people clean the facilities periodically. Now most workers are on the fast-track to success. They have no time left after a long day to start cleaning the workplace. As a result, cleaning services are needed to maintain offices and homes while their occupants are earning a living.

Going Green

Years ago, few households were recycling or building a compost pile. Now businesses and residences are concerned about going green. People are aware of the environment and how trash can have a negative impact on natural resources. Certain areas also have regulations pertaining to recycling and how trash is disposed of.

Cleaning services know the proper cleansers to use and how to get rid of all kinds of trash. When people want to go green, they can consult with a reputable cleaning company to find out how to do it. A professional cleaning crew shows people the green way to clean and dispose of trash. This makes the premises and the world around us a cleaner and greener place.


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The Growth of Niche Cleaning Services

When the largest office in town was a converted colonial home, there was no real need for niche cleaning services. Now there are skyscrapers with huge windows that can't be reached by a regular person. They require special equipment and a person with experience washing corporate office windows. These types of structural changes lead to the growth of niche cleaning services.

Other niches have also developed over the years. For example, plush carpeting in office reception areas requires deep cleaning and steam cleaning. Hardwood floors need to be properly maintained and refinished when they show signs of wear and tear. There are also hoarding cleaning services to help people get rid of junk and establish a more organized environment. Niche cleaning services have further expanded cleaning enterprises.

The Expansion of Outdoor Living Areas

People want more room to unwind and entertain but might not be able to spend money to build an extension on their homes. It has become increasingly popular to establish luxurious outdoor living areas on decks, patios and balconies. These living spaces include outdoor kitchens, dining areas and living spaces. They also require specialized maintenance that is not typically done by a landscaper.

Additional niche cleaning opportunities have opened up to keep outdoor living spaces pristine. Outdoor furniture must be cleaned as well as barbecue grills, outdoor kitchen spaces and indoor/outdoor rooms. The ground needs to be swept and outdoor décor must be wiped down. All these items must be stored or covered during the coldest months of the year. Specialty cleaning services help homeowners keep these spaces clean and organized.

It is crucial for our health and overall well-being to maintain a clean workplace and residence. As more people hire cleaning services to handle their expanding responsibilities, the cleaning industry continues to grow by leaps and bounds. People from all educational backgrounds can enter this lucrative field, gain experience on-the-job and earn a good living doing it.

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