Customisable Corporate Performance Management approach leads to much faster, leaner and less error-prone planning

prevero, a leading provider of Corporate Performance Management (CPM) and Business Intelligence (BI) solutions, has announced that Hamburg Airport is using prevero CPM planning to help manage the airport’s broad range of construction, development, IT and organisational projects.

Recognising that each airport is different with its own unique challenges, prevero’s dedicated Corporate Performance Management solution is designed to be particularly flexible and scalable in order to support organisations such as Hamburg Airport in aligning strategy, finance and operations to make smart decisions in every part of their business. Using airport-specific KPIs and benchmarks, prevero’s CPM planning solution delivers an integrated cloud-based approach for all airport planning, budgeting and forecasting activities.


Hamburg Airport faces significant planning pressures, and deploying prevero CPM will help the airport unlock operational productivity improvements through prevero’s ability to deliver faster, leaner and less error-prone planning. In the current year alone Hamburg Airport is planning more than 400 key projects with a total value of several hundred million Euros, ranging from building a new airport apron and an airfreight centre to extending the fire station and developing new database software.

“prevero CPM replaces our previous Excel-based planning approach, where reports typically took around half a day each to produce. However, cost effectiveness wasn’t the only crucial factor in our decision, as we also needed to retain a clear focus on complying with legal provisions and securing our key operational processes. Qualitative criteria also play a big role in helping us to score projects and determine the order in which they are to be carried out. That’s why we needed to be sure that our CPM approach could meet our complex planning needs,” commented UdoSteinwandel, responsible for portfolio management, project performance management and group financing at Hamburg Airport.

“Using prevero we have succeeded in building a tool that meets all our requirements regarding portfolio planning and management. We’ve also been able to set-up electronic workflows which we can now use to digitally design portfolio processes,” he added. “Planning with prevero CPM gives us a much faster, leaner and less error-prone process, and we also save a lot of time that we previously spent filling out hundreds of forms each year.”

prevero’s impressive customisation capabilities were also a key factor in Hamburg Airport’s decision to select a prevero CPM solution, as the airport’s ‘power users’ wanted to work with the software independently, and fine tune the application to meet their specific needs.

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