momondo finds many prefer showing holiday snaps to friends and family when back home

Despite recent notable campaigns this summmer from the phone networks, offering even lower roaming charges to promote mobile holiday usage, data captured by travel search site momondo.co.uk shows almost half of all Brits won’t be posting social media updates on their holiday this year.

Of 1,000 Brits questioned, 48% stated they don’t post status updates whilst away – e.g. on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Of those 52% who do post updates, 31% post before they travel, 64% during the break, and 68% when they return home. Of these ‘posters’, 9% claimed to post several times a day, 17% once a day, 34% once every 2-4 days, 10% every 5-7 days, and 19% less than once a week.

Brits love a holiday snap

However packing the camera is still in fashion – with just 6% of Brits stating they don’t take any photos whatsoever whilst on holiday. 55% of those, whom do take pictures, show them to friends and family on their return, with 30% of snappers uploading pictures straight to social media, and 25% printing photos for a nostalgic holiday album.

So how much do our European neighbours post?

In terms of social media usage whilst away, Brits are similar to some of our continental neighbours, similarly polled by momondo. Social media plays no role in holidays for 49% of French tourists, 48% of German tourists, 44% of Norwegian tourists, 43% of Finnish tourists, 45% of Russian tourists.

And the most likely to shun the draw of social media are those from Denmark and Holland, with 60% of Danish tourists Danes and 58% tourists from The Netherlands, stating it played no role at all in their holidays.

However Spanish, Swedish and Italian tourists are the most active social media users whilst away, with 65% of Spanish, 57% of Swedish and 66% of Italians stating they either post status updates and/or upload photos or videos when they are on holiday,

Lasse Skole Hansen, Spokesperson at momondo.co.uk states:

“Many Brits have heard the horror stories of giant phone bills accrued during trips abroad when a data connection is left on accidentally. We have learned to avoid the use of the internet abroad, although it’s true that roaming prices have been continuously reduced in recent times. However many may wish to avoid advertising they are on holiday, for fear of burglary.

“Holidays are the time to do things different from everyday life, and the memories of them are so often stored in the camera. These memories are happily shared with friends and family after the holidays – as over half of Brits questioned stated they regularly did. These figures show that vacation memories play a large role in friendships and family relationships, whether online or offline.”

Plane over the sea


Whilst on holiday…

  •  48% of Brits do not make updates to social media
  •  18% of Brits write updates to social media
  •  24% of Brits upload photos to social media
  •  4% of Brits upload videos to social media

Of those who do post on social media, do so before, during and after their holidays…

  •  31% of these Brits post in social media about their upcoming trips
  •  64% of these Brits make holiday updates during their vacation
  •  68% of these Brits post holiday updates after their holiday

And of those who do post on social media on holiday…

  •  9% post several times a day
  •  17% percent post once a day
  •  34% post at 2–4 day intervals
  •  10% post at 5–7 day intervals
  •  19% post less frequently than once a week

Brits take holiday snaps and show them off after returning home…

  •  55% of Brits show their holiday pictures to friends and family
  •  30% of Brits upload their holiday images to social media
  •  25% of Brits print holiday photos and display them in an album
  •  10% of Brits don’t make any use of holiday images when they return home
  •  6% of Brits take pictures while on vacation

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