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According to Gartner, customer experience is becoming an increasingly critical battlefield, with 89% of businesses telling the industry analyst that it will be their primary basis of competition this year. To remain competitive in a complex digital world, banks must deliver an exceptional customer experience. GMC Software helps financial institutions navigate the ‘journey to digital’, engage with their customers in a more meaningful way and create lifetime loyalty. From print to interactive digital communications, GMC Software delivers future-proof solutions that meet the needs of a rapidly changing marketplace.

GMC Software’s award-winning customer communications management solution, GMC Inspire™, allows users to quickly create, approve and deliver impactful customer communications across all channels. The platform is already being used by banking and financial services organisations around the world – including KPMG, Pingan Bank and International Financial Data Services – but what are the areas GMC Software helps these organisations in? Here are three specific steps that GMC Software supports financial services organisations through, to help them deliver exceptional customer service:

  • Make the move to digital

When it comes to digitalisation, it’s now-or-never for businesses operating in the banking and financial services arena. Every day, more businesses and offerings come to market that were born in the digital age; additionally, many of those that were around before the dawn of this era have long since updated operating processes to incorporate the advances that have been made.

GMC Software knows that by going digital, businesses will gain valuable insight into how their customers are interacting with content, which can lend a considerable helping hand in optimising communications strategies and ultimately reducing costs. At the outset, it might seem like there’s a lot to do when setting off on your digitalisation journey, but the transformation to digital is often easier than you might think. The GMC Inspire Customer Communication Management (CCM) solution uses existing data and content to deliver multichannel communications in a matter of hours.

  • Be as mobile as your customers and employees

Gartner says that by the end of 2016, 82 per cent of mobile phones will be smartphones. It is becoming increasingly common to run large aspects of daily life through these devices, whether making payments, checking stock markets or applying for a loan. As such, it’s critical to satisfy the needs of mobile users, which can be done with interactive and device-friendly statements, and other types of content. GMC Software works with the industry to make it easy for customers and employees to do business, by creating trackable two-way communications that include dynamic content and digital signatures.

  • Streamline, integrate, be agile and compliant

As forms of communication continue to expand and evolve over time, many banks find themselves with separate teams dedicated to creating communications for print, mobile, email and web; this– leads to operational inefficiency, high costs, inconsistency and compliance risk. GMC Inspire integrates with all systems, through from back office to banking platforms and ERP systems to quickly create, approve and deliver responsive and interactive omnichannel communications from one easy-to-use platform – eliminating the need for multiple, siloed teams. It integrates with your core systems, so that leveraging your existing data and legacy documents to create personalised communications is easy.

By working with GMC Software, financial services organisations will be able to successfully negotiate a path to digital, keep up with customers that want to work on the move and, ultimately, emerge as a more agile and compliant organisation. This will put them in a great position to communicate effectively with customers, enabling them to ensure the long-term success that goes hand in hand with customer retention.

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