New ‘out-of-the-box’ solution lets customers save money by making travel and expense quick and easy

Fraedom, a global leader in business spend management technology, today announces the launch of Fraedom Travel & Expense – a free, online solution for businesses to book and manage their travel and expenses.

This simple, packaged T&E management solution is perfect for companies with straightforward travel requirements who want to keep things simple as well as reduce costs. As it’s an ‘out-of-the-box’ solution, there’s no complex configuration or setup and users can be up and running in just 48 hours.

This new low-cost offering allows Fraedom to deliver a wealth of experience to a broader audience of smaller businesses and those with simpler requirements – giving those organisations an easy way to gain greater visibility and control over their spend.

With Fraedom Travel & Expense it’s free for customers to book travel through the easy-to-use online tool. Customers can search and compare a huge range of travel and accommodation options and take advantage of Fraedom’s own exclusive travel offers. For a small fee, customers can add in their own negotiated rates and travel and expense specialists are on hand to help with more complex bookings.

Booking is straightforward and travellers receive confirmation and itineraries by email and simple approval can be added where required. After the trip the traveller can quickly and easily reconcile all their booked, non-booked and incidental expenses in the same system. Booked travel is automatically shown and any extra trip-related costs can simply be added and managed in the same way, making it easy for employees.

With all expenses being managed in the same way, finance and management have complete visibility of travel costs including by trip, by type and by employee as well as analysis on spending trends and top suppliers. This provides key management information, which is essential for effective cost control and accurate budgeting. Finance can also be confident that employees are saving money by booking the best deals, without needing to scour the market themselves.

Fraedom Travel & Expense is ideal for organisations that want to get up and running quickly with minimal investment and get greater visibility of travel spend, save money and free-up staff from T&E administration.

There’s no compromise on quality. Fraedom brings together over 15 years pedigree in both travel and expense management technologies from the integration of Spendvision and the HRG Technology division.

Fraedom’s Chief Executive Officer, Bill Brindle says, “We’re really pleased to be announcing the launch of Fraedom Travel & Expense today. Giving companies a better way to manage their business spend is what we’re all about. Taking our advanced technology and creating a standard, packaged solution gives companies the perfect option for managing their corporate travel and expense with the minimum effort and investment”.

Fraedom Travel & Expense will roll out in the UK from February 2015, with further regions to follow.

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