The tool will enable the NFC ecosystem to assess the conformance of TSM to latest specifications

Advanced secure chip testing and consultancy provider, FIME, today announced the launch of its Global TSM test tool which will enable trusted service manager (TSM) vendors to efficiently validate the interoperability of their solution into the near field communications (NFC) ecosystem. It will also allow mobile network operators (MNOs) and service providers (SP) to successfully facilitate and achieve their NFC rollout.

The tool and its comprehensive test libraries for MNOs TSMs and SP TSMs is now available to purchase as an off-the-shelf product. FIME experts can also provide consulting to support stakeholders throughout the global deployment.

Stephanie El Rhomri
Stephanie El Rhomri

“Currently all elements within the mobile ecosystem are tested, with the exception of the TSM,” comments Stephanie El Rhomri, FIME’s NFC & Payment Vendors Business Line Manager. “The lack of validation of TSMs has led to significant fragmentation within the industry and has been one of the challenges that has slowed progress to widespread NFC deployment. FIME’s Global TSM tool can be easily connected to TSM systems to automatically perform the tests required to identify any interoperability issues within the application deployment and lifecycle chain.”

The Global TSM tool has been developed following GlobalPlatform’s Messaging Specification for Management of Mobile-NFC Services which outlines the exchange of messages for performing the delivery and the post-issuance management of mobile-NFC services.

The tool is also in line with GlobalPlatform’s End-to-End Simplified Service Management Framework, which streamlines the service management process to implement a comprehensive end-to-end configuration to deploy services faster. The document specifies the workflows between the involved parties to ensure a seamless user experience; the overall architecture to provide clarity in the data flow and implementation and, the configurations that should be used to ensure interoperability across various interfaces and devices. Once the framework’s accompanying test plan has been published, FIME will submit its tool to be officially qualified by GlobalPlatform.

El Rhomri adds: “FIME understands that the TSM is a key element of the overall ecosystem as it manages the application lifecycle as well as helping to connect numerous service providers with network operators in an aggregator function. FIME’s Global TSM tool will help strengthen interoperability by having a common and agreed testing among the different stakeholders, and because key functionalities have already been tested, it will speed up the NFC rollout.”

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