FCA Chief Executive Reiterates Call For Greater Diversity In Banking

Speaking yesterday at the launch of the 2025 Foundation in Edinburgh, Scotland, Dr Andrew Bailey, Chief Executive of the FCA, said:

” There are many good reasons to support the Chartered Banker 2025 Foundation launch which aims to support young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to pursue careers in financial services. I wish it every success.” 

Dr Bailey’s words echoed the support Mark Carney, Governor of the Bank of England gave to the initial launch of the Foundation at the Bank of England in October.

Also speaking at the event at Bryce Hall, were David Thorburn, Chair of the 2025 Foundation Committee, Philip Grant, Managing Director, Customer & Business Risk, Lloyds Banking Group,Marlene Shiels OBE, Board Member of the National Credit Unions Forum (NCUF) and Bill McCall, Senior Vice-President of the Chartered Banker Institute.

Set up in anticipation of the Institute’s 150th anniversary, the Foundation is aligned with the original aims of the Chartered Banker Institute – to promote education and development for young bankers entering the profession.  Our aim is to raise an initial £1million to provide scholarships and mentoring for talented young people wishing to pursue a career in banking but who find this challenging because of their background and/or financial circumstances.

Applicants may include but are not restricted to:

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  • School leavers wishing to pursue a career in banking;
  • Persons not currently in education or employment; and
  • Minority groups currently under-represented within the banking profession.

Crucially, the Foundation will also offer other forms of support, such as mentoring.

 David Thorburn Chair of the 2025 Foundation Committee added, 

 “Our Institute, which is the oldest banking institute in the world, was founded to promote education and development for young bankers entering the profession. With the launch of the 2025 Foundation, we have the opportunity to continue these fine aims by supporting at least 200 (and hopefully many more) talented young people to pursue a career in banking, who would otherwise find it difficult due to their background or financial circumstances.

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