FBS is a rapidly developing broker, which is becoming more popular among the traders every year. This year FBS celebrates its 8th birthday and the company’s management has happily shared their plans for the future.

The company is very popular in Asia but is also planning to expand into Latin America. A lot of attention will also be paid to the Middle East and Europe. The company works with 16 languages and is currently running projects on localization into 6 more languages, including German and French.

The company considers the improvement of its regional services to be one of the highest priorities in this year. It is planned to multiply the number of local servers to ensure rapid and uninterrupted access to all the services. Furthermore, VPS option is being provided at full throttle – the virtual servers give traders an opportunity to take advantage of all the trading tools, that might be necessary, including 24-hour automated trading.

In 2017, seven new offices are scheduled to be opened, that’s going to improve the client experience – financial operations and local customer support will become more convenient and more accessible.

In addition, FBS is going to continue doing charity in the regions of its presence and is always ready to give a helping hand to people-in-need. The FBS management has informed that the new budget plan entails granting funds on charity as one of the goals.

A greater attention is going to be paid to the educational part – in order to help newbie traders, FBS will widely expand their online and offline educational programs comparing to the previous years. FBS traders will have an access to the unique financial analytics from the leading experts.

Generally, FBS declares to be striving after being at the forefront, implementing brand-new trends, not simply following the existing ones but making up new. The continuous improvement of the products did not go unnoticed by traders – at the FBS Grand Event Thailand, traders expressed their gratitude to the company for its smartly-coordinated and well-performed work, is not it what should drive us to go further on?

The Marketing Department of the company promises that the next year will be full of exciting promotions, the nearest of which is devoted to the FBS’s birthday and is called the Infinite Opportunities. The prize fund is as much as $800, 000 and each participant is going to win something! The company has been famous for its generosity for a long time and many traders have already become the owners of valuable gifts, including Apple gadgets and luxury cars.

FBS is trying to communicate with traders as much as possible to better understand their insights and needs – traders are having lively discussions and sharing their experience on the company’s pages on social media. But this is not enough, FBS is also planning to start an infotainment blog on its official website, where they are going to post the photos from the numerous international company-held events. The FBS is going to increase the number of support channels and start using new trendy messengers.

The phenomenon of Social Trading, which is gaining more and more popularity these days, has not been left unattended either – FBS is planning to launch its own social trading service. So, now traders will be able to interact on a totally new level: rely on the top Forex traders and make more profit.

We wish FBS a lot of success this year and look forward to hearing the latest news from this energetic company!

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