Company name: Consult Hyperion

Nature of Business

Consult Hyperion is an independent technical and strategic consultancy specialising in secure electronic transactions. We help organisations worldwide exploit new technology for secure digital services from mobile payments and Chip and PIN to NFC, contactless ticketing and smart identity cards. Our globally recognised expertise ensures customers reach their goals in a timely and cost-effective way. Find out more

Locations and Markets operated in

We work for clients around the world and across the continents,  from Australia  to Italy and  Ireland, from Nigeria to the USA, helping them get to market with systems that work at scale, implementing successful business models in support of organisational strategy. Having worked for transaction trailblazers including London’s Oyster, Hong Kong’s smart identity card, Kenya’s M-PESA and Italy’s contactless EMV, our record speaks for itself.

Experts In Digital Money And Digital Identity
Experts In Digital Money And Digital Identity

Brief history of the company

Founded in 1985 by 3 directors, Consult Hyperion has grown to employ 50 people in the UK and US as well as a large number of expert associates whose skills are available as needed. It is still headquartered in Guildford, with offices in New York. It has clients around the world.

Products/services offered

Financial Services

We offer consultancy, risk analysis, prototyping and testing in all areas of secure electronic payments and identity including Chip and PIN, mobile payments, contactless, NFC, HCE and online. We are supported by Hyperlab – software and design engineers practised in the development and implementation of pilot and commercial grade products and services with expertise in standard programming and software development and management tools as well as technologies including: Microsoft .NET, Windows Phone, Android and iOS development (cross platform development with Xamarin tools), BlackBerry, embedded C, Java, JavaCard, MULTOS, HTML5 and Python,  and by an extensive test laboratory used to optimise or certify the operation of these systems.

Telecommunications & Media

Consult Hyperion’s Mobile Money Practice offers substantive, experience-based mobile money consultancy services from a team of people with extensive experience of delivering results in mobile money solutions across emerging markets, including Kenya’s M-PESA system.  Consult Hyperion also offers consultancy, risk analysis, prototyping and testing in mobile payments and wallets.


Our extensive background in helping Transport for London introduce contactless payments makes us expert in open payments in transit and in next generation ticketing. We also offer specification development and risk analysis, prototyping, testing, help with PCI-DSS and security.

Public Sector

Consultancy, risk analysis, prototyping and testing in the areas of digital identity, national identity schemes, entitlement schemes and other authentication and identification technologies.

Corporate social responsibility activities

Money raised for charity through not-for-profit industry events and corporate fund-raising

Chamber of Commerce members‘

Close links with University of Surrey, including sponsorship of PhD and support of academic events, and visiting professorship role undertaken  by Gloria Benson, Director.

Major Projects

Current and recent major projects include work with Transport for London, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, the Irish Government, UK Department for International Development (via the Mobile Money Practice), the Gates Foundation and Vodafone.

 Contact Information

Head Office
Consult Hyperion
Tweed House
12 The Mount
Surrey GU2 4HN

Tel: +44 (0) 1483 301 793
Fax: +44 (0) 1483 561 657

535 Madison Avenue, 19th Floor, New York, NY 10022
T: (888) 835-6124 F: (212) 207-1019

Contact: [email protected]

Key Executives


Neil McEvoy, Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Stuart Fiske, Financial Director

Dave Birch, Global Ambassador

Gloria Benson, Director


Lanny Byers, Managing Director

Howard Hall, Managing Director

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