Every fees PayPal charges you

Since the inception of online payment, PayPal has firmly held the position of the rulers.  For every overseas transaction, PayPal is the desired choice. Nowadays with several competitors in the market, PayPal promises to deliver its best although there are several fees for which PayPal charges you for the service it provides. PayPal fees are dynamic according to your citizenship. US citizens have their bonding with PayPal fees and are exempted from as many payments as possible. But outside the boundaries of US, there are lots of equations put together to calculate the fee PayPal charges.

Account registration is absolutely free with PayPal and the signing up process does not cost anything to the user.

Sending and receiving money

To send money to someone else may cost you a buck, literally and metaphorically but receiving from them is always a cause of happiness. PayPal charges you if you are sending money to another PayPal user either from your PayPal balance or Bank account. Although these charges do not stretch to ‘receiving’ any amount from them. These fees are applicable only on Non-US citizens. These fees are subject to change each time with every transaction but PayPal notifies its customers beforehand how much is it going to cost them. A 30 days advance notice is provided if there is any major increment in the fee.

For sending within the latitudes of US no fees is charged for making a transaction from PayPal account or bank account linked with PayPal account. On funding the same transaction with credit, debit card or PayPal credit a nominal fee is charged. For generating a transaction to another country PayPal has its own chart of fees. Fee applicable for a transaction made to Canada and Europe is lesser and costs only  $2.99 USD while for any other country it is $4.99 USD. Within this transaction there is a bifurcation whether the user wants to use funds of limited account or payment is meant to be made through debit, credit or PayPal credit.

Merchant account

PayPal does not charge any fee for buying within the boundaries of US. However, selling brings down its own calculation.

Although a person can wait to pay until a payment is made to them and there are no hidden fees in PayPal. As claimed by the portal itself these fees are to keep up with the competition in the market. There are not many explicit details about buying but the portal provides a detailed description selling fees applicable to each transaction

Sales within the US                                     2.9% + $0.30 per transaction

Discounted rate for eligible charities            2.2% + $0.30 per transaction

International sales                                      4.4% transaction fee plus a fixed fee based on currency


PayPal HereTM card reader                         2.7% when you swipe a card or 3.5% plus

                                                                          $0.15 for manually entered  transactions


There are two possibilities to make a transfer through PayPal account, One trough using you limited PayPal account and another opting for Instant Transfer with an eligible linked debit card. List of eligible debit cards includes Visa and MasterCard debit. it takes few minutes to complete the transaction and with lower funds transfer to bank accounts has been made easier with Debit cards.

Linked bank account                                                   Free

Instant Transfer with eligible linked debit card    $0.25 per transfer.

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