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If we look at the generations older to us we see that they valued money much more than we do, there expenditures were always less than their incomes so at the time of their retirement they would have saved a large amount of money enough to lead a comfortable life thereafter. But if we consider our generations 25 to 50% of are expenditure is unplanned, you will notice this yourself if you keep a close track on your expenditure and record it on a regular basis. We buy stuff we don't even need, at times we only pay the minimum required money on our credit card bills but this actually reduces our funds after retirement, we end up with much lesser amount than we expected during retirement. So to lead a comfortable life even after retirement we should try to live in lesser than our income supports and try to invest this difference in stock market or save it .If you are selling stocks only to support your current lifestyle it means your income is not sufficient which means you are financially unstable so make sure to live in lesser than your income can afford to have a happier future.

To be financial planner there are a few things you need to understand, you have help in finance issues of the company. You will be helping in determining how to produce internal and external funds for the expenditure of the company. They help the company to make the best possible profit with the available resources. They check the entire financial condition of the company, give a report of what the picture they have captured to the management, and tell what plans to be executed in future to maximize profit. A financial planner also has to provide procedures to carry out operation. He also has to decide which project is more profitable and why. So before applying for being a financial advisor do check on all the above things.

Ever tried sewing a clothes on your own

With the rising prices clothes cost us a lot of money, but you can save on clothes if you sew. You can start from small things like saving the buttons and intact zippers from worn out clothes keep them in a separate box, use them when you need. You can go to a cloth showroom the clothes if you buy in bulk are a lot cheaper, you can mix and match the colors the tops and dresses take less amount of cloth so with lesser cloth you can sew great clothes. Also you can buy new designs in the end of season sale, you will be actually preparing for a season ahead. Try to buy from a shop having membership cards so that you can avail discounts after you have spent a certain amount. You can easily make cushions, drapes, sofa covers and many other house hold things with these fantastic clothes, this can not only give you pleasure but also save tons of money.

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