By Christopher Burke, CEO of Brickendon 

“Rather than just adhering to the Women in Finance Charter, companies should be encouraging a more supportive and flexible working environment to help women strive for senior positions. This could be setting internal, measurable targets, to ensure they remain fit-for-purpose, increasing legitimacy and buy-in, thus enhancing the rate at which targets can be achieved.”

“One initiative companies should seek to pursue is dismantling the ‘dusk ‘til dawn’ culture, and ensure they provide employees with the technology and supportive culture to work flexibly. A flexible working culture has been shown to increase productivity, wellbeing, and aid with the attraction and retention of talent across the board.[1]

“At Brickendon we are well aware of the advantages of a diverse workforce and are keen to hire more women to senior roles. From partner level down we support part-time work and are currently actively recruiting full and part-time partners. We are supportive of the needs of women returning to work after a career break, as well as those looking to progress up the leadership ladder. We have seen that facilitating the achievement of personal goals within a flexible working culture means that our staff not only deliver to the best of their capabilities, but are engaged and committed members of the workforce.”

 “While a cultural shift is gaining momentum, it could take years before it is commonplace. As such, financial services companies should start implementing steps now to provide a supportive culture and flexible working environment to ensure they retain their female talent, encouraging them to progress through the ranks and towards a thriving career in financial services.”

[1]Flexible Working Guide, CII, August 2015

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