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Emerico Highlights Suite of Digitisation Technologies for the Banking Industry at the ME Banking Innovation Summit in Dubai



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Innovative solutions include the V3 Cockpit Smart VTM that combines traditional ATM features with over-the-counter services

Emerico, a world leader in banking and retail technology, is showcasing its suite of advanced digital solutions that will enhance the operational efficiency and customer service standards of banking and financial institutions at the 8th annual Middle East Banking Innovation Summit to be held on September 17 & 18 at Roda Al Bustan in Dubai.

Emerico’s solutions are aimed at supporting the banking industry achieve full digitalisation especially at a time the industry is marking a remarkable transformation by implementing innovative technologies that are changing the way it operates.

Among the innovative solutions to be highlighted by Emerico include the V3 Cockpit Smart VTM and V3 Mobility. The V3 Cockpit Smart VTM combines traditional ATM features such as cash withdrawal and deposits with over-the-counter services such as loan applications, opening of bank accounts, and instant cheque and credit/debit card issuance.

Emerico V3 Cockpit Smart VTM

Emerico V3 Cockpit Smart VTM

An easier and smarter way for a smooth banking experience, the V3 Mobility with iPad is the perfect tool to connect and engage with customers anywhere in the world. Bringing services and acquiring customers on-the-go, it offers state-of-the-art EMV (Europay, MasterCard and Visa) compatibility for easier payments and transactions with built-in encryption technology.

Emerico is also highlighting its line of Mobile solutions with the launch of the Windows and iOS tablet with integrated payment, Emirates Identity Authority Card (EIDA) and fingerprint verification. It will also be equipped with Mobile Device Management (MDM), and security features (PCI-DSS) that enable easy integration with any payment gateway.

The new Express Mini VTM that helps instantly dispense cheque and credit cards and have video conferencing features. Further, during the upcoming World Islamic Banking Forum in Bahrain on November 26 & 27, Emerico will launch its new robotic self-service technology for the banking sector.

Emerico V3 Mobility with Ipad

Emerico V3 Mobility with Ipad

Francis Lai, CEO of Emerico, said: “With the ongoing digital transformation in the industry, it is important for banks to adopt a more agile and intelligent architecture that helps them remain competitive as they move from physical to digital. Customers must be at the heart of the services and to achieve this, it is important to create a strong digital infrastructure through solutions that will also enable banks to strengthen their operational efficiency, optimise resource use and cut costs. These will help banks to focus on delivering a better customer experience in the digital era. The Middle East is one of our key growth markets, and through our participation at the Summit, we are highlighting the distinctive and innovative technologies that we deliver to help the banking industry achieve transformational growth.”

Emerico’s solutions have won major awards including the Bizz World’s Inspirational Company Award, BID World Quality Commitment Award, Europe Business Assembly Best Enterprises Award, ESQR European Award for Best Practices Award, UKAS ISO 9001 2015 (MY17/02512) and PA-DSS Validation v3.2.

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