eCommerce and Payment Solution Advancements Upending Traditional Consumer Habits

PALM, BEACH, News Commentary

Innovative Payment platforms as well eCommerce solutions have been one of the biggest growth sectors in the consumer and business arenas for the past 20 years.

Shopping from the comfort of one’s home — or anywhere — has become increasingly popular as delivery has gotten faster, interfaces have improved, and the near ubiquity of smartphones has made mobile shopping even easier. The $2.3 trillion global eCommerce market alone is expected to more than double by 2021 resulting in a massive consumer shift to online and mobile shopping. Active companies in the markets today include: Xalles Holdings Inc. (OTC:XALL), eBay Inc. (NASDAQ:EBAY), PayPal Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ:PYPL), Cotiviti Holdings, Inc. (NYSE:COTV), (NASDAQ:AMZN).

Xalles Holdings Inc. (OTCPK:XALL) BREAKING NEWS:Xalles, a company focusing on accelerating fintech companies, leveraging blockchain technology for financial reconciliation, and payment auditing solutions, recently completed an Asset Purchase Agreement for the acquisition of 100% of the assets and intellectual property of, a consumer discount shopping club and fundraising service.

Xalles will create a new wholly owned subsidiary to operate an international network of savings clubs based on the USA Savings Club design. The original management team will be part of the new subsidiary and lead the U.S team. Xalles will provide additional resources for domestic growth and international expansion.

USA Savings Club has agreements with thousands of name brand merchants which establishes the base for expansion within the first few regions around the U.S. National brands and local merchants will participate in the program by offering discounts to consumers while supporting local schools and other not-for-profit organizations. Xalles expects to leverage the synergy between this company and the other consumer commerce and payment subsidiaries that are already part of the Xalles family of companies.

“This acquisition gives Xalles the ability to combine strengths of a few of our subsidiaries to offer consumers a way to shop locally at a discount while helping non-profit organizations in their fundraising through a passive and year-round method,” said Xalles CEO, Thomas Nash. He continued, “We believe the combined offering through our existing and new distribution channels will change the way people shop in their local communities.” Read this and more news for Xalles at:

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