Future Cities Show will be held from 9-11 April 2018 at the DWTC

Anne Marie Thodsen FCS
Anne Marie Thodsen FCS

Al Serkal:” We took the responsibility of contributing to the sustainability roadmap adopted by Dubai Government towards being among top 10 sustainable cities in the world by 2020”

The second edition of Future Cities Show, the most important event on smart cities and innovative urban solutions, which will take place at Dubai World Trade Centre next month is featuring some home-grown solutions that will definitely be a part of our everyday urban landscapes in the region. Some products at Future Cities Show 2018 include coloured solar glass panels, sputter-coated energy-saving glass, thermal insulations, and efficient district cooling. 

Dubai Investments PJSC, one of the largest investment vehicles in the UAE, has been investing in a number of businesses that have developed home-grown energy efficient and sustainable products in Dubai that will play a key role in promoting smart cities and make homes for energy efficient.

One of the main innovations that will appear is Kromatix™, a patented technology of coloured solar panels that are manufactured byEmirates Insolaire. Kromatix™ uses a multi-layered coating deposited on the inner glass surface confirming high solar transmittance, minimal absorption, and high durability. This is not only a green energy power generation module used in many projects in the UAE but a breakthrough in the synergy between beautiful architecture and ecological technology.

Another product with urban solution at the show is a crucial improvement in glass performance in solar heat gain manufactured locally byEmirates Glass. The company’s EmiCool® Series ensures dramatic energy savings while meeting local and regional building energy codes and satisfies all aesthetic and design requirements. Emirates Glass’ EmiCool® has become a signature of sustainable architecture in renowned projects like AKOYA at Dubailand to Flame Towers in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Anne Marie Thodsen, the manager of Future Cities Show, said: “Sustainability is one of the three key pillars of Future Cities Show because it is the only way forward to make sure future generations have a world that is liveable”. Sustainable architecture expedites approaches to conserve energy and ecology in the design of the built environment. Wall insulation remains one of the oldest and yet most important methods in low-energy building techniques. Emirates Extruded Polystyrene products offer energy conservation through insulation by 30-40% and shall be demonstrated at the exhibition.”

Extruded polystyrene is high in demand
Extruded polystyrene is high in demand

Both Lite-Tech Industries with its efficient lighting systems and Emirates District Cooling with its trail of success in environmental control of megastructures will be there to complete the jigsaw of suitability products line under the aegis of Dubai Investments, which owns more than 40 firms in key segments of real estate, manufacturing and contracting, and investments.

titleAbdulaziz Bin Yagub Al Serkal, General Manager of Dubai Investments states: “Dubai Investments is committed to the sustainability of its operations, businesses, and projects. The company is the One-Stop Sustainability Provider with end-to-end sustainable products and solutions from its various subsidiaries which will help shape the smart cities of the future. The company’s participation in Future Cities show is in line with its strategy to reinforce its commitment to the cause and support Dubai Government’s plans to become one of top 10 sustainable cities in the world by 2020.”

Future Cities Show is a great platform for local and international institutions from various industries to showcase their latest technologies which are going to redefine the way we live. It will be held in conjunction with the Annual Investment Meeting (AIM), AIM Start-up, & Dubai International Government Achievements Exhibition (DIGAE) and International Property Show (IPS) from April 9-11, 2018 at the Dubai World Trade Centre.

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