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Industry experts Treat-u-Fair are urging consumers to be vigilant when buying travel insurance especially if they have a pre-existing medical condition and want cover for popular holiday destinations in Europe.

It has emerged that some major insurance providers offering specialist travel insurance policies to people with long-term medical conditions exclude medical cover for some popular holiday destinations, such as Spain, Malta and Cyprus.

Treat-u-Fair managing director Stephanie Murdoch said: “Not every policy is the same and it’s not easy to bench-mark like for like especially if you have a medical condition. We think it’s important that people read the small print, and have an understanding of what they’re buying.

“For people with medical conditions it is important to know that they have the cover they need if something goes wrong when they are on holiday. Some insurance providers exclude some popular destinations from their standard European cover but may offer an alternative option for a higher premium.

“We don’t have this distinction in our policies. For us, Europe is Europe. Certainly, if someone were buying a policy with us it’s very clear where and how they’re covered.

“It is really important that consumers check when they are buying a policy that they are covered for the country that they are intending to travel to and, if the provider offers different categories, that they select the right one. There are number of providers in the market so it is always worthwhile shopping around before you buy.

 “We don’t want to just sell someone an insurance policy. As our name suggests, we want to make it fair.”

Department of Health statistics show there are around 17 million people living with a long-term medical condition in the UK.  Treat-u-Fair specialises in offering insurance products for people with long term medical conditions that can be tailored to meet an individual’s specific needs. Treat-u-Fair actively works with medical charities to help our understanding of medical conditions to ensure that the products and services we provide recognise these exceptional needs.

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