DFI has Transformed Itself with Qisda Group’s Resources and Penetrated Deeper into the Niche Market

DFI Inc.’s consolidated sales revenue for the first quarter was NTD 1.158 billion, an increase of 42% quarter on quarter and an increase of 26% year on year. The gross profit ratio was 30% and the net income NTD 131 million, an increase of 67% year on year and earnings per share NTD 1.14. DFI Inc. will distribute a cash dividend of NTD 4.2 per common share this year.

“Given the rapid changes in the IPC market in Taiwan, DFI Inc. still manages to maintain double-digit growth rates through its own organic growth. It shows our efforts to retain customers have taken effect. In the medium to long term, we will multiply our company’s core advantages through strategic investments,” DFI Inc. Chairman Peter Chen said. The transformation strategy of DFI Inc. works. By merging with the Qisda Group last November, DFI Inc. now plays a vital role in the “combined fleet” with its computing capabilities. Benefiting from the strategic partnership with the Qisda Group, DFI Inc. has seen considerable growth in sales revenue and net income in the first quarter of this year. More efforts will be made to integrate resources of the group, such as the sea gates and production capabilities of Qisda-owned medical and intelligent factories. Cooperation with partners like Alpha Networks Inc., which specializes in 5G communication technology, and Aplex Technology Inc., which is strong on human machine interface technology, will be enhanced to increase DFI Inc.’s competitiveness in the high-end market.

DFI Inc. President Steven Tsai said, “DFI’s core competency is in ‘computing’. In recent years, there has been a qualitative change in the IPC market. DFI’s response to it is demonstrated in four aspects – wider range of services (ODM), deeper penetration into the market (customization), precise grasp of market trends (new applications), and expansion of reach to all aspects of the market (strategic alliance).” Tsai stresses that DFI Inc., which used to focus its efforts on motherboard and chip businesses, has now been transformed into a company that develops more system products, strengthens customer cohesion, and speeds up and enlarges business growth. Business operation started to heat up in the first quarter.

In the future, DFI Inc. will diversify its operations in the vertical market. Besides existing automation applications and business ventures in the retail market, we will also expand applications in more profitable fields like automobiles, medical treatment and defense. In the extension of market reach, DFI Inc. will seek to gain access to the Japanese, European and U.S. markets, which have high profit margins, through newly-developed applications and newly-discovered business opportunities.

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