Miami is to become the second ‘hub office’ for deVere USA Inc, it has been announced.

 The firm, part of deVere Group, one of the world’s largest independent financial advisory organizations, has had a presence in the South Florida city since June 2011, but has now moved to larger premises in the main financial district to accommodate more advisers to meet demand.

 Gareth Jones, deVere’s Area Manager in Miami, explains: “Whilst New York – which is, of course, the financial epicentre of America – remains our HQ and super hub office, skyrocketing client demand across the U.S. has driven the need for another hub office from which advisers can help our growing numbers of U.S.-based clients wherever they choose to live and work.”

 He continues: “With this in mind, we have recently moved into larger premises on the prestigious Brickell Avenue, famed for having the largest concentration of international financial institutions in the U.S.

 “This relocation is part of a strategic expansion that will allow us to take on more financial advisers and support staff to meet the continually increasing demand, not only in the Florida region, but in neighbouring states and further beyond too.

 “There are currently 11 of us in the Miami office and we are looking to at least double this number within the next 12 months.

 “This operational development will allow us to further enhance deVere USA’s national position as the ‘go-to’ and most trusted advisory firm for international investors and expats.”

 In 2013, as part of the “next phase of its global strategy for growth”, deVere Group announced it would not open pan-America offices as it had planned before, but instead would focus on a few key cities from which its consultants can serve their clients over a wider geographical area.

 New York was the first ‘super hub office’, whilst Miami and San Francisco – the other deVere U.S. offices – remained more focused on their immediate surrounding areas.  Now the Miami office is preparing to look further than it did previously, as it becomes more of a hub centre.

 Benjamin Alderson, Senior Area Manager of deVereUSA, says it is a strategy that has been “wildly successful”.  He observes: “Our business has grown considerably over the last three years.  And, as the Miami expansion indicates, it’s a trend that shows no signs of slowing down.

 “More and more expatriates and international investors in the U.S. are realising the need and the value of independent bespoke cross-border financial solutions, such as QROPS and we’re proud to say that deVere is who they are turning to in increasing numbers.

 “We look forward to continued success and potentially, if the market conditions are right, expanding our existing West Coast office into a further U.S. hub.”