Colorado-based Small Business Productivity Expert Nancy Gaines hosts half-day, hands-on business training workshop in Lakewood, Colorado on March 18, 2016

Most business owners start their companies fully intending to have the time and money freedom to do what matters most to them. Unfortunately, many end up being employees in their own companies -working too many hours for too little pay. They long for ways to be more productive and achieve better output with the same or less effort. Now there is a way to fast track that productivity path consistently.

Nancy Gaines
Nancy Gaines

Nancy Gaines and her team at Gain Advantages, a Denver business consulting firm, announced a series of upcoming training workshops to help entrepreneurs obtain even more success. The Ultimate Business Boot Camps are appropriately named because most of the work is completed during the workshop so participants don’t have yet another item added to their to-do list.

The next hands-on class will be held on Friday, March 18, 2016 from 9:45 am – 1:00 pm in Lakewood, Colorado. This workshop will guide small business owners how to automate their business processes so they can focus on growing their business instead of being in the day to day activities. By adding automation, companies can run more consistently without requiring constant intervention which is unproductive. In business, systems always win, but people can fail.

The event will kick-off with a panel of business experts including Anthony Prichard (Google Certified You Tube Partner), Laura Pence (Owner of Social Savvy Geek and Online Growth Expert), and Dru Shockley (Web Developer and creator of the Passion Analysis for Business). These featured panelists and more will share great advice on how to grow a small business quickly and effectively.

Over 90% of small businesses fail because they run out of time, money, or don’t know the right path to follow. Gaines intends to increase the success rate with her bold vision: Helping small business owners create even more jobs, abundance, and charitable give back globally by improving productivity and focus. Productivity is so much bigger than time management. It’s about focus management – doing the right things in the right order at the right time. Most small business owners simply need a strong plan to fast-track getting from A to Z.


“Many people know they are meant to do big things in this world. As a productivity expert, I just help them do this faster.” Gaines holds monthly workshops focused on solving different small business challenges. Each event is standalone, so attendees can attend them in any order. Participants leave with proven techniques they can implement right now to make their companies even more successful. Get started at:

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