Delta Children Top Selling Baby Furniture Brand on Amazon in 2017, with 27% YoY Growth

One Click Retail data and sales measurement found that the 5 top-selling baby furniture brands on Amazon account for more than 50% of the site’s total 2017 US baby furniture sales

According to One Click Retail’s brand measurement calculations, 2017 estimated baby furniture first-party sales on reached $150 million, a 22% YoY growth, of which the top 5 highest-selling baby furniture brands on Amazon were:

  • Delta Children (18%)
  • Dream On Me (13%)
  • DaVinci (8%)
  • Stork (6%)
  • Graco (6%)

These top 5 toy brands accounted for 51% of total baby furniture sales on Amazon in 2017.  Both #1 Delta Children and #2 Dream On Me, which sell cribs, toddler furniture and crib mattresses, maintained their top spots from 2016 with YoY growth of 27% and 33% respectively. DaVinci and Stork, while having maintained their overall third and forth positions, lost market share in 2017. If their eCommerce strategy is not improved in 2018, they can expect to be passed in sales to other baby furniture brands that have implemented an aggressive eCommerce growth strategy.

Graco, which rounds out the top 5, led the top 10 with one of the highest YoY growth at 63%. One of the largest brands in the overall baby space, primarily in the subcategories of car seats and strollers, its presence in the baby furniture space is not as dominant.

However, because of their refocused Amazon-first strategy, Graco experienced rapid growth in 2017 and are expected to continue their impact on the baby furniture space in 2018.

Baby Relax, a brand that specializes in nursery chairs and the darling of the baby furniture category on Amazon in 2017, took the top growth spot in 2017, jumping from 10th position in 2016 to 7th in 2017, thanks to an explosive 82% YoY growth.

Other notable 2017 YoY increases in baby furniture sales on Amazon:

  • #10 Sealy, specializing in crib mattresses, grew significantly with 47% YoY
  • #8 HALO, which has baby furniture as its second-largest category behind baby bedding, grew 40%
  • #6 babyletto gradually outpaced the overall category growth with 32% YoY

“Those that rest on their eCommerce laurels will be left in the dust by the brands, whether incumbents or digital natives, that embrace an Amazon-first strategy. And the baby furniture category is a prime example,” explains Nathan Rigby, One Click Retail VP. “The explosive growth that some brands have experienced from 2016 to 2017, however, is no guarantee of their success in 2018. Optimizing your content for the way online shoppers find your products, keeping an eye on your 3P sales and closely tracking in-stock levels are daily realities of the brands experiencing success in eCommerce.”