• Cloud Global Management System (GMS) provides real-time cloud management for Dell SonicWALL firewalls, wireless access points and Dell switches
  • Dell SonicWALL hosted solution removes financial hurdles for partners who provide managed security to their customers
  • Affordable subscription based model delivers the most complete central management solution for network security solutions on the market today

Dell SonicWALL announced the technology preview of Cloud Global Management System (GMS) at the annual PEAK16 conference in Las Vegas. The cloud-based security management and reporting solution removes financial, technical support and system maintenance hurdles associated with managing security.  Delivered to partners as a unique, comprehensive, low cost monthly subscription based on the number of firewalls under management, SonicWALL Cloud GMS allows partners to deliver high calibre SonicWALL security to their customers.

Addressing the market’s rapid shift toward ‘Security as a Service,’ the SonicWALL Cloud GMS solution will allow managed service providers and resellers to help their customers achieve the highest level of security without the need to manage all security components in-house. Management features offered in Cloud GMS will provide a low risk and low barrier-to-entry for small and medium sized businesses, as well as large enterprises, eliminating the upfront cost and maintenance of a dedicated on-premise infrastructure.

Key technical functionality of the SonicWALL Cloud GMS solution includes:

  • Governance: Establishes a cohesive approach to security management, reporting and analytics to simplify and unify network security defence programs through automated and correlated workflows to form a fully coordinated security governance, compliance and risk management strategy.
  • Compliance: Rapidly responds and fulfills specific compliance regulations for regulatory bodies and auditors with automatic PCI, HIPAA and SOX reports, customised by any combination of auditable data.
  • Risk Management: Provides ability to move fast and drive collaboration and communication across shared security framework, making quick security policy decisions based on time-critical and consolidated information for higher level security efficacy.

SonicWALL Cloud GMS Offers Uniquely Comprehensive Security Management

Supporting SonicWALL firewalls, wireless access points and Dell X-Series switches, SonicWALL Cloud GMS will drive down overall business risk for customers by unifying the defence program and enhancing compliance and governance. Unlike competitive solutions, SonicWALL Cloud GMS manages all the settings of its firewall, wireless access point, and switches. It also includes over 60 comprehensive and fully customisable reports.

Additional noteworthy features include:

  • Firewall management: MSPs will be able to leverage efficient, centralised management of firewall security policies similar to on-premises GMS features, including customer sub-account creation and increased control of user type and access privilege settings.
  • Firewall reporting: Real-time and historical, per firewall, and aggregated reporting of firewall security, data and user events will give MSPs greater visibility, control and governance while maintaining the privacy and confidentiality of customer data.
  • Licensing management: Seamless integration between GMS and MySonicWALL interfaces will allow users to easily and simply log into Hosted GMS to organise user group names and memberships, device group names and memberships, as well as adding and renewing subscriptions and support.

The SonicWALL Cloud GMS solution will be offered as a beta to North American customers in Q4 2016, with availability expected in EMEA in 2017.

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