Dating: It’s a woman’s world

  • The average date costs £40pp, however men are shelling out 27% more than women
  • Pre-date preparation costs £21 on average, rising to £35 for males
  • Two in five (42%) single Brits go on a new dates at least twice a month

With multiple online dating sites and apps, it’s easier than ever for single Brits to meet someone new. Dating comes at a cost, however; found that on average, it costs singles £40 to go on a date, with men paying out 27% more than women.

It’s not just the dates themselves that cost money, either. The average single Brit spends £21 prepping their appearance ahead of each date – although for half of singletons (49%), it’s as much as £60! Just over a quarter (27%) of singles said they spend no money on getting ready prior to the date.

With over half (55%) of those surveyed saying they go on dates at least once a month, single life is looking to be expensive; that’s £61 a month minimum on dates and date preparation, or £732 annually. For the one in five (17%) who go on dates every single week, it can cost as much as £3,172 each year!

If dating is expensive generally, it’s even more so for men. The research found that men spend 27% more than women while on the date, and 40% more to look good ahead of the date. From new clothes, to haircuts, the average male shells out £35 (compared to £25 for females) before they head out to meet a potential love interest. And despite clearly dressing to impress, men are still footing more than their fair share for the bill for their date: the average date costs men £48, compared to just £25 for women.

Twenty-five year old singleton Thierry Ngutegure from Leeds says he spends hundreds of pounds each month on dates. “Before a date, I get my hair cut and beard trimmed, which costs around £35. I’ll often get a new shirt as well – most of mine are on my Instagram so I don’t want girls to think I’m copping out!”

He adds. “I’ll easily spend £80 on a date. Some of it is down to chivalry; I do like to pay. But often, the girl seems to expect me to pay, and I feel uncomfortable asking if she’ll contribute”.

Fortunately, dating doesn’t always cost an arm and a leg. One in four (25%) singles aged 55 – 64 say they don’t spend any money on dates, opting for free activities to woo potential partners.

Those living in the South West have the most active dating lives – one in ten (10%) say they go on dates more than twice a week, with a further 33% going every one to two weeks. On the other end of the dating scale is North England; 37% said they go on dates less than once a year.

Commenting on the research, Karina Adrian, PR & Brand Partnership Manager at, said: “It’s great to see how many single Brits are actively out there enjoying the UK’s dating scene.

“However, it can clearly end up costing quite a lot, which is a shame – getting to meet matches should be affordable for everyone! We’ve actually sourced some fun, inexpensive dates for our community members, as we found some members were meeting up for romance!”

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