Global technology consultancy, DataArt is participating in Blockchain Expo Europe 2017 in Berlin on June 1st and 2nd 2017. The Expo comprises interactive panel discussions, solution-based case studies and keynote talks covering latest trends in blockchain technologies. DataArt Principal Consultant Denis Baranov will take part in the panel discussion “The challenges for the banking industry with the Blockchain early adoption”.

The panel discussion will take place on the first day of the Expo and will cover the following topics:

  • decentralised identity and reputation
  • disintermediation and automation of processes
  • enforcing a standard transactional rule set for derivatives

Denis Baranov says: “Blockchain can revolutionise banking processes by guaranteeing trust and quality, speeding up transactions, and removing the need for expensive error resolution.”

Denis Baranov, CS PhD, has extensive experience in using leading edge IT in enterprises. He is especially interested in distributed ledger technologies such as Blockchain; Artificial Intelligence (eg cognitive analytics and machine learning); and, using these technologies in financial services, capital markets and fintech / regtech.  Denis is a regular speaker and contributor in various technology oriented communities and conferences. He leads the Blockchain initiative inside DataArt and has successfully applied Hyperledger, Ethereum and to solve client problems. Recent examples of successful client projects using blockchain technology include:

  • Welfare payments distribution platform for government and third-sector agencies. DataArt delivered an app to make highly secure mobile payments, thus reducing operational costs significantly while improving data accuracy and security.
  • Launch of a new personal cryptocurrency wallet for an MLM company, that allows customers to manage their personal cryptocurrency accounts in an intuitive manner.