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2,000 Deployments of the Enterprise Immune System

Darktrace, the leader in Enterprise Immune System technology, has today announced that after a phenomenal final quarter of 2016, it has secured contracts with a total value of over $125 million to date. Global demand for Darktrace’s machine learning cyber defense solution is growing faster than ever, and the Enterprise Immune System has now been deployed over 2,000 times.

Now deployed in 60 countries worldwide, Darktrace has expanded into new territories including Bermuda, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Morocco and Portugal, adding to its strong traction across the US, Canada, Europe and APAC. Darktrace’s customers include Blackhawk Network, BT, KEEN, Rakuten Securities Inc., the Church of England, Birmingham International Airport, Drax, PhoonHuat, Saniflo, and Parchment.

Darktrace’s revenue is increasing by 600% year on year, and customer renewals are at over 90%. With over 360 employees across 23 global locations, the company has more than doubled in size over the last year.

The Enterprise Immune System is powered by unsupervised machine learning and mathematics developed by specialists from the University of Cambridge. By learning the ‘pattern of life’ for each user, device and network, the Enterprise Immune System automatically detects anomalous changes in behavior and emerging threats. This self-learning technology has allowed Darktrace to discover over 27,000 serious cyber incidents, which went unnoticed by legacy security tools.

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“Machine learning is critical as we move towards more automated and fast attacks,” commented Clark Flannery, Director of Information Technology, KEEN. “The reality is that you can’t keep everything from getting in the network. Darktrace’s Enterprise Immune System helps us visualize what is already inside our network, and mitigates threats, as they emerge.”

“Our outstanding growth this quarter reflects the huge demand for Darktrace’s self-learning solution, which is the only technology that is capable of catching in-progress attacks, without prior warning or special insights,” said Nicole Eagan, CEO, Darktrace. “Organizations of all sizes across the world are deploying the Enterprise Immune System to defend against not just today’s cyber-threats, but tomorrow’s too.”

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