DarkLight.ai to Sponsor DHS/NSA/Johns Hopkins Integrated Cyber Event October 2 & 3

DarkLight, Inc., maker of DarkLight Cyber, is pleased to announce it will be a Gold Sponsor at the upcoming Integrated Cyber event at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab in Laurel, MD on October 2nd and 3rd 2018.

The IACD initiative is sponsored by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the National Security Agency (NSA) in collaboration with the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (JHU/APL). Through jointly sponsored research (in collaboration with the private sector), IACD defines a frameworkincluding reference architectures, draft specifications for interoperability, use cases, and implementation examplesto adopt this extensible, adaptive approach to cybersecurity operations.

The IACD stated goal is to dramatically change the timeline and effectiveness of cyber defense via integration, automation and information sharing. DarkLight has been a strong supporter of the IACD initiative and believes this framework and approach is critical to improving the effectiveness of cybersecurity.

Dan Wachtler, CEO of DarkLight, notes, The cyber industry must work together if we have any hope of making a difference in protecting our networks, information and critical infrastructure. While the industry is of course competitive amongst vendors, it is events like this and groups like the IACD that bring us together, put competition aside and work to better the community. DarkLight is proud to be a strong supporter of the IACD framework. In fact, our first product, which utilizes our underlying breakthrough AI Expert System technology, was built with the IACD approach in mind.

Shawn Riley, DarkLights CDO and CISO, will be involved with the following sessions at the two-day event.


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October 2nd

Panel: Actionable Information Sharing – Enabling Defenses: Sharing IOCs is necessary but not sufficient. We need to make processing/usage of IOCs as automated as possible and we need to evolve what is being shared to be something that organizations can use to more appropriately protect and defend the network. This panel will discuss what makes threat information actionable for network defenders and what type of information (e.g., adversary TTPs) would be valuable to share.

October 3rd

Tech Talk: Understanding Resiliency Effects on Adversary Behavior. In this talk well look at both intelligence-driven and control-based resiliency effects on adversary behavior (TTPs) across the cyber attack lifecycle and how to measure this to identify gaps, effectiveness of mitigations in having desired resiliency effect, and what this means to the defenders risk factors.

Riley adds, The theme of the fall Integrated Cyber event is ˜Power of Community and ˜Actionable Information Sharing. The themes resonate with me because a key focus at DarkLight is the integration of both internal enterprise and external community cyber defense information, and the context to understand it, into integrated cyber defense knowledge. DarkLight has focused on the ability to automate the communitys cyber defense cognitive processes with sharable cognitive playbooks that applies the integrated cyber defense knowledge of the community to validate and explain the threats and risks were facing together. Cyber defense is a team sport and the security engineering and security science communities are coming together at Integrated Cyber to solve real problems.

He continues, DarkLight.ai has pioneered the concept of actionable knowledge sharing with the ability to encode human knowledge and experience in one DarkLight and export that knowledge and experience to another DarkLight in another organization. Moving beyond actionable information sharing to sharing the human domain expert knowledge and experience to apply that information to solve complex problems.

About DarkLight

DarkLight Cyber is an Artificial Intelligence software utilizing an Expert System with contextual reasoning capabilities. The Expert System approach solves many of the challenges not addressed by the majority of current cyber AI utilizing algorithm-based solutions. Specifically, too many false positive alerts and an inability to explain why an alert occurred in the first place. These limitations reduce productivity and increase risk. DarkLight Cybers Active Defense Expert System integrates threat, and risk information from current tools with critical contextual information, automates detection and investigation with shareable cognitive playbooks, validates the alerts, risks and predictions, and explains to the human analyst why DarkLight came to its conclusion in a transparent and understandable way. To learn more, please visit www.darklight.ai.