Dynamic Investor Pro Offers Their Expert Services to Build Stock Trading Strategies

The benefits of a custom investment trading strategy paid off for one investment advisor who engaged the Expert Services program offered by Dynamic Investor Pro investment software, according to CEO Raymond Dominick.

“I was able to tell them what my parameters were and they created multiple strategies with excellent returns. It would have taken me months to put these models together,” said investment advisor Anthony Romeo.

Personalized trading strategy development is offered for both private investors and professional investment advisors as part of our Expert Services program, Dominick said.

While the software Dynamic Investor Pro allows an investor to create their own strategies, frequently investors and advisors don’t have time or they want someone with experience at building trading models to do it for them.

Dominick explained that almost every person has their own particular requirements. They may need a model based on a 401K, an annuity, a specific selection of stocks, or with trading desires that meet their personality. Some people, he said, my want an aggressive strategy while others may be very conservative.

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Developing a trading strategy involves many factors:

  • How often an investor wants to trade
  • If mutual funds have restrictions requiring that they are held for a minimum amount of time
  • What degree of loss is acceptable in the short term of a long term strategy
  • Does an investor want to focus on stocks or ETFs or mutual funds
  • Will there be multiple strategies forming a portfolio or just one trading model
  • Does the advisor have an annual objective for the models total return
  • Shall the group of symbols be very limited or include many

Building successful trading strategies to meet an investor personal objectives usually requires back-testing the group of chosen symbols in as many as 10 ways and then from the thousands of results narrowing down the strategies to the top five or ten that meet the investors objectives. Dominick said the process can easily take more than a week with computers running day and night.

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Dynamic Investor Pro is an investment software program with buy-sell signals for safe investing in less than 20 minutes a week. This investment program is the only fully customizable investment software that focuses on relative strength investing with multiple means of analysis.

Dynamic Investor Pro includes a Market Exit Signal to prevent losses when the market declines and comes with a no-quibble guarantee and is endorsed by relative strength guru Michael J. Carr, CMT.

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