Crypto Briefing Closes $2M seed round, will create reports for Binance Info Platform

Crypto and blockchain news source remains committed to operating without advertising or sponsored stories

 Crypto Briefing, a global blockchain research and media company, has announced it successfully closed a $2 million USD seed round, giving the company a $13.3 million valuation.

Crypto Briefing, which celebrates its first year in business this week, is a well-known force in the cryptocurrency community both for its deep research into early-stage ventures and its forthright and independent news.

Investors in the seed round included YouBi Capital, Fenbushi, DHVC, Neo Global Capital, PreAngel, Goopal Digital Capital, Block72, Lucen Tech Accelerator, WanFund and Game Theory Group.

Crypto Briefing has not accepted any payments or run any paid marketing over the first year of its existence — an unusual model in the blockchain media industry, which is plagued by paid stories, misinformation, and “FUD” (fear, uncertainty, doubt).

Han Kao, CEO and Founder of parent company Decentral Media, said: “Our beginnings are rooted in conducting due diligence on developing blockchain projects, and offering valuable insights to the rapidly-growing crypto community. Our dedication to quality created a lot of interest in our success from discerning, world-class investors who want to see the sector grow safely and responsibly. With their support, Crypto Briefing can continue to deliver on its commitment to its readers — to share deep, unbiased, institutional-level information.”

Co-founder and Managing Editor Jon Rice said: “Trust in the media, especially today, is not given: it is earned. For that reason, we have never run an advertisement or a paid story, never accepted a token, or taken payment of any kind. Our reputation for independence and fearless reporting has been a primary contributor to our strong, organic growth as we have become one of the most-respected crypto news sources in the world.”

In a related announcement, Crypto Briefing has joined forces with Binance Info, as the global exchange builds a crypto project database which will provide users with access to almost 1,000 rating reports. As Binance Info aims to protect investors and promote quality content, Crypto Briefing’s reports will be among the first to be presented on the Binance Info database. The reports will be free of charge and available to all Binance users.

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