No matter how the chips fall, 2017 will be a year of great change. We will live in a wildly different world in December 2017 than we did in December 2016. A movement that began in 2016 with Brexit and Donald Trump will crystallise in 2017 and has the possibility to develop into something truly unrecognisable from the 12 months previous.

FM-TrademarkIn January 2016, no one predicted the ‘vote for change’ movement and the affect it would have on the global financial and political landscape. Votes that the upper echelons thought would pass with ease went the wrong way and with no contingency plans, now we have to wait to see what the repercussions will be.

Unfortunately, things do not end there. Other factors wait in the wings to throw their hats into the ring of fire. The EU has 3 major elections in 2017 from the Dutch, French and Germans before anyone has even whispered the words Italian banking crisis or Greek debt issues. Each of these elections can deliver a blow to the great EU experiment, each more severe than the last as the Dutch go first in March, the French in May and finally the German’s in October. With Gert Wilders and Marie Le Pen having surprise leads in some polls for the far right, the single currency and single market could be in for a real shoeing. Conversely, should these three votes go the other way it would be a resounding victory for the EU with Francois Fillon and Angela Merkel being devoted Eurocrats.

Over the pond, the Twitter rants or executive orders signed by the one they call Mr President are completely unpredictable. Could he bring world trade to a grinding halt? Could he deflate the worlds largest economy? Or, could he really be on to something?

Despite the slightly dower tone of my opening remarks, all this change will present opportunities for many people. The only thing that is certain is that 2017 will be more unpredictable than any other year in recent history, if not ever. With all this uncertainty and constantly evolving situations it is more important than ever to ensure you protect yourself and your business against any adverse movements. Make sure you box smart and keep control of your top and bottom lines.

Editor in Chief: Wanda Rich

Editor in Chief: Wanda Rich

Wanda has over 20 years of experience in the Financial industry. She is an avid reader and a strong supporter of CSR and community outreach activities with a unique perspective of how financial institutions work.
She brings up to minute coverage on Banking, Foreign Exchange, Brokerage, Funds, Islamic Finance, Wealth Management, Corporate Governance, Project Finance, Merger and Acquisitions, Tax and Accounting, Inward Investment, CSR Activities; all under one Global Umbrella.

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