• Comma’s industry leading quality standards make Eco-F 5W-20 the first of a new generation of oils
  • Newest ACEA C5 regulations deliver oils which offer greater fuel efficiency for both petrol and diesel engines

The most recent ACEA C5 regulations have been put in place to distinguish oils that offer significantly increased fuel efficiency across petrol and light and heavy-duty diesel engines.

Comma’s Eco-F 5W-20 is the only oil in the aftermarket which gives workshops the opportunity to provide the next generation of fuel efficient, C5 approved oils to customers right now. Comma’s stringent quality standards throughout its development cycle means the oil already meets all C5 requirements, with no further reformulation needed.

The ECO-F 5W20 is a high performance and fully synthetic engine oil. The oil has expanded its application to cover a range of Ford and Jaguar Land Rover vehicles since its launch, delivering improved fuel efficiency to thousands of car users.

New ACEA C5 regulations set new performance requirements of lowered HTHS values (2.6 to 2.9) and a fuel economy of more than 3% in the industry standard CEC L-054-96 test. These requirements ensure ACEA C5 oils are the most efficient to reach the market.

The new regulations have replaced obsolete engine oil tests, introduced new bench and engine assessments with unique requirements and addressed some of the damaging impact biofuels can have on engines. The more stringent methodology confirms Comma’s industry leading quality standards whilst demonstrating the improved fuel efficiency the Eco-F 5W-20 can offer workshop customers.

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