Comgest, the independent, international asset management group focused on quality-growth investing, announces the appointment of Eric Voravong as an ESG Analyst as the firm continues to expand its research capabilities.

Eric is the third dedicated ESG Analyst to join Comgest’s 42-strong investment team, reflecting the firm’s commitment to responsible investment aimed at creating sustainable, long-term investment returns.

In his role, Eric will take specific responsibility for ESG coverage of Asian companies, maintaining a close working relationship with Comgest’s Analysts and Portfolio Managers as part of the firm’s approach to fully integrating ESG analysis into the investment process. Eric will work alongside SébastienThévoux-Chabuel (who joined the firm in 2013 and is a Portfolio Manager and responsible for ESG analysis of European and US companies), and YannGerain (who joined in 2012 and covers ESG analysis of EMEA, Latin American and Japanese companies).

Eric Voravong has over 27 years’ industry experience working in Paris, London and Los Angeles in senior roles for BNP Paribas and ADI Alternative Investments. He joins Comgest from the role of founder of his own independent investment consultancy, with which he collaborated with Comgest on key strategic projects for over eight years, including the formalisation of ESG integration which began back in 2010.

Comgest’s ESG team reports directly to Arnaud Cosserat, CEO and CIO at Comgest, who commented: “Eric’s broad expertise and talent for analysis is an important addition to our ESG team, as we continue to invest in adding depth to this area of our proprietary research. As we are fundamental, long-term investors focused on selecting sustainable, high-quality growth companies, responsible investment has always been an integral part of our investment philosophy. We are convinced that ESG research not only makes us better investors but also better stewards of our clients’ capital, as we engage with companies and encourage them to evolve into better corporate citizens.”

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