Kickstarter campaign to support production of the future urban wardrobe

COLORFY LAUNCHES KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN FOR THE 10ELEVEN9 SMART SHIRT-210ELEVEN9, the brand that fuses distinctive fashion and beautiful engineering, has today launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funding for its debut product-line, the Sustainable Smart Shirt.

Unveiled at CEBIT 2017, 10ELEVEN9’s Smart Shirt was engineered with the triad of design, functionality and technology in mind, and a clear focus on fashion and sustainability to introduce the future urban wardrobe to the world. The stylish Smart Shirt elegantly carries your daily essentials, and features embedded devices that add smart capabilities for an active, healthy and fun lifestyle.

The Kickstarter campaign will run for one month starting on May 9th and aims to support the production of the Smart Shirt, which will begin in Autumn 2017. The funding goal has been set at €50,000 and people can back the campaign starting at €149. The Smart Shirt will be delivered to the backers of the campaign starting in February 2018.

COLORFY LAUNCHES KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN FOR THE 10ELEVEN9 SMART SHIRT-310ELEVEN9 is a Colorfy product venture with InQube, based on the GeenyIoT platform by Telefónica NEXT. It is made by people, for people, improving all aspects of the ‘capsule wardrobe’ and redesigning the future of clothing.

Alexander Gruber, Founder and CEO of Colorfy says: “We are excited to launch next generation garments through 10ELEVEN9. We want to change the way people deal with their clothes and offer them something that represents the opposite of fast fashion. We create garments that meet the needs for modern urban living perfectly and are worth wearing season after season. Kickstarter is also the ideal platform to launch the Smart Shirt. This is a new product category, a new company and a new way of bringing it to the world. By supporting the 10ELEVEN9 Smart Shirt on Kickstarter, people can be a part of the innovation process and be at the forefront of the next generation of clothing.”

Product Details:

COLORFY LAUNCHES KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN FOR THE 10ELEVEN9 SMART SHIRT-4Using new and innovative methods, 10ELEVEN9 creates puristic, timeless, yet sustainable apparel. The Sustainable Smart Shirt embodies the future urban wardrobe and is carefully crafted for long-term, beyond-seasonal use.

Available for both men and women in various colours and three distinctive styles – casual, business  and active – each Smart Shirt has innovative fabrics, for both the inner and outer layer. Crafted in Italy with precision and care, the knit fabric is extremely light and breathable, with moisture wicking properties for comfort during extended wear.

Carry your daily essentials:

The Smart Shirt has a two-layer concept, so you can store your daily essentials – like wallet, phone or keys – within seven no-bounce pockets, keeping them perfectly organised and secure. With two RFID-blocking pockets to protect passports and credit cards from scamming, 10ELEVEN9 apparel adds an extra layer of security to urban living.


All Smart Shirts come with seamless fabric-embedded biosensors, connected to the 10ELEVEN9 app, making the Smart Shirt your AI-powered personal health coach and enabling you to monitor your heart-rate, posture, and breathing:

  • The Heart Rate Monitor:

10ELEVEN9’s technology goes beyond the basic heart rate functionality. The technology enables wearers to track their heart rate and breathing for truly accurate feedback, without sacrificing style or comfort.

  • The Posture Sensor:

The built-in sensors help wearers sit straighter, stand taller and feel better by gently vibrating when wearers slouch.

You are in control:                              

The Smart Shirt features Digital Cufflinks – a new 3D gesture and touch Control system. The cufflinks allow you to control your smartphone or the Smart Shirt camera from your sleeves, turning your Smart Shirt into a control hub for your connected devices. The Smart Shirt’s magical new AI powered interface concept turns day-to-day objects into smart controllers by das Augmented Reality layer.

Capture your moment:

Addressing connectivity and community, 10ELEVEN9 offers an optional lightweight camera enabling you to capture these special moments in your life effortlessly. The Smart Shirt includes a state of the art 8MP wide-angle connected camera positioned at the collar that takes a photo or records video at a tap.

To support 10ELEVEN9’s Kickstarter campaign for The Sustainable Smart Shirt visit

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