Two years after launch, 4.6 million people use ClearScore to stay on top of their finances

ClearScore announces today it has more than doubled its UK customer base over the past year, with 4.6 million people now using its free credit report and score service to stay on top of their finances. Since its launch in July 2015, three quarters of its customer base check their report at least once every 12 months.

The figures are released as ClearScore celebrates its second birthday, having launched with the goal to make peoples’ finances clearer, calmer and easier to understand. During the past year it has launched a series of innovative new features to support this.

In February it launched Coaching, an industry-first, interactive chatbot giving advice on how to repair, build or shape-up your credit score. To date more than 600,000 people have engaged with the personalised financial coaching plans through the service.

Its updated mobile apps, launched in June and largely built on native code, give iOS and Android users faster access to their report and score on the go. They have already hit #1 and #3 of their respective free finance app charts.

The company is now recognised as one of Britain’s biggest financial success stories, having won or been shortlisted for 22 national awards since launch and became part of Tech City’s Future Fifty at the start of 2017.

ClearScore have also begun testing a new way to identify patterns of behaviour which indicate if someone is at risk of getting into financial difficulty. The project uses millions of anonymised data points and sophisticated machine learning to help ClearScore predict when a user may need to take action.

Further exciting features are due to be formally unveiled in September.

Justin BasiniCEO and founder, When we launched we knew people were fed up with having to pay to access their own financial information. And our success in year one proved that to be true. The past year’s focus has been on building scale and adding useful experiences for  customers, from our Coaching programme to an enhanced mobile experience. As we move into our third year we will be utilising our position as the UK’s number one credit checking company to develop products that further enhance peoples financial confidence – we’re really excited for the year head.”

Since the launch of ClearScore, the credit scoring sector has radically changed. Now both Experian and Noddle (part of Callcredit) provide free scores, injecting much needed competition into the industry.

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