ClearSale Joins Chargebacks911 for Webinar on Chargeback Management

Leading fraud prevention and management firm, ClearSale (, is excited to announce they will be joining Chargebacks911 to host a webinar session called “Risk Free Chargeback Management?” that will discuss the pain points that merchants face while protecting themselves from chargebacks. The webinar takes place June 7, 2018 at 1:00PM EST/10:00AM PST.

clearsale-logoAs a part of the Chargebacks911 webinar series entitled “Criminal Fraud or Friendly Fraud? Protecting Your Business Without Risk,” ClearSale’s EVP Rafael Lourenco will join Chargebacks911’s Marketing Director Jarrod Wright to update merchants on the ever-evolving fraud landscape. The Q&A style webinar will cover areas such as: the difference between criminal fraud and friendly fraud, how to balance front-end filters with frictionless customer transactions, whether technology and machine learning identifies fraud more accurately than human analysis, and how chargeback protection differs from chargeback management.

“I look forward to this collaborative webinar that will serve to educate merchants of the dangers that fraud presents and how to overcome it,” said Lourenco. “We’ll be giving you actionable advice on fraud prevention and dispelling common myths that merchants have regarding card not present fraud.”

“We’re so pleased that Rafael and ClearSale will be joining us to discuss these important issues with our merchants,” said Jarrod Wright. “We’ll be taking your questions and offering insight on how you can prevent chargebacks and increase revenue–all with no risk.”

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