• Automotive video expert CitNOW offers Approve as a cost-free add-on for Service Advisors to review videos before they are sent to the customer
  • For almost 40% of customers, trust outweighs pricing when choosing where to get work carried out
  • Quality control on videos ensures consistency of brand
  • CitNOW Approve part of their ongoing commitment to enhancing products

The latest enhancement to CitNOW’s automotive customer video platform – CitNOW Approve – makes it easier for dealer workshops to maximise trust by ensuring that the information is as clear, concise and engaging as possible for the viewer.

A clear message from almost 40% of workshop customers* is that a sense of trust is a more important business than the price structure when committing to repair work.

CitNOW video technology, communicated through email and SMS, allows dealers and workshops to consult with customers remotely about their vehicle at a time and location of their choosing. Video allows customers to see their car on the ramp while the recommended work is visually explained.

Maximising the positive impression of those videos is where the cost-free support service called CitNOW Approve plays a vital role. By adding the approve process between the technician uploading their customer video presentation and the distribution of the clip, Service Advisors have the opportunity to review and refine the video before the customer sees it.

“CitNOW Approve is a means to seamlessly take the time to review the completed video before the customer sees it,” says CitNOW CEO, Alistair Horsburgh.

“It gives Service Advisors peace of mind that their presentations are of high quality and as informative and engaging as possible, giving the customer the right level of confidence to allow work to proceed.”

The 2016 Castrol Professional Car Servicing and Repair Tracker noted that 39% of customers are heavily influenced by the services and information provided within their quote. Ensuring the highest quality presentation and information is being made available in videos is where CitNOW Approve can play an invaluable role in nurturing the relationships on which their business depends.

Alistair Horsburgh added: “Our commitment to the workshops and dealerships using CitNOW products is to ensure that the videos are as relevant as possible and give the customer reason to believe that they are getting the right work done at the right price.

“The impact of this personalised approach is a more satisfied, loyal customer and the creation of trust between them and the brand. The addition of free-to-use CitNOW Approve add-on helps retailers keep their communications consistent, and ensure that presentation is as strong as it can be before it is released.”

The free CitNOW approve add-on is now available to all users of CitNOW video technology.

Retailers and workshops looking to learn more about personalised video can join a CitNOW Discover learning event this autumn. CitNOW also runs Masterclasses for established video users, and details of how to register can be found at

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