Chubb Charitable Foundation Completes Grant Supporting Teach For All Global Network

A two-year $940,000 grant is helping to provide children around the world with the education and opportunity they need to thrive.

The Chubb Charitable Foundation announced it has completed the second phase of its two-year $940,000 grant to the Teach For All global network.

The Foundation’s grant is supporting the development of local leadership to provide more children with access to the education, support and opportunities they need to fulfill their potential. Additionally, the grant has directly supported Teach For All’s network partners in Colombia, Mexico, Thailand and the United States.

“Chubb is both proud of and inspired by the impact Teach For All has made on expanding educational opportunities for disadvantaged kids around the world,” said Evan G. Greenberg, Chairman and CEO of Chubb. “This is a significant partnership for our charitable foundation, and we are excited that our grant is funding both important global leadership development programs as well as directly supporting network partners in four countries where Chubb has significant operations. Education is one of the Chubb Charitable Foundation’s pillars and Teach For All, with its focused mission, effective approach and proven track record, is an ideal partner.”

The Chubb Foundation’s grant provided support to network partners Teach For America, Enseña por Colombia, Enseña por México and Teach For Thailand. In the U.S., the grant funded Teach For America’s regional summer training institutes in New York City and Los Angeles for newly selected participants, known as “corp members.” The grant also funded teachers in New York City public schools and a fellowship for Los Angeles corp members who will continue to teach beyond their two-year commitment.

In Colombia and Mexico, the Foundation has supported training institutes for Enseña por Colombia and Enseña por México, as well as ongoing efforts to recruit, retain, and develop teaching participants and alumni leaders. And in Thailand, the grant has enabled Teach For Thailand to further its efforts to ensure participants’ impact on student growth while cultivating a thriving alumni community.

Wendy Kopp, CEO and Co-Founder of Teach For All said, “We are grateful for the Chubb Charitable Foundation’s commitment to support under-resourced communities in countries in which Chubb employees live and work. Teach ForAll and our network partners in Colombia, Mexico, Thailand and the United States are all dedicated to ensuring that students in disadvantaged communities can receive an excellent education. The Foundation’s instrumental support is enabling us to invest in initiatives to increase the impact of teaching participants and program alumni, who work together with many others to ensure that children have the opportunity to fulfill their potential.”

The Teach For All grant represents one of the Chubb Charitable Foundation’s multi-year partnerships with a core group of non-profit organizations aligned with Chubb’s philanthropic mission. Education is one of the Foundation’s three core global philanthropic pillars, which also includes support of poverty and health as well as the environment.

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