Simple, High-Performance Solution Minimizes Deployment Time, Resources

Chatsworth Products (CPI) announced the release of its new EF-Series EuroFrame(TM) Cabinet, an innovative and cost-effective network equipment cabinet, designed to offer a quick and easy-to-install storage solution specifically catered for the European data center market.

The rapid growth of the European data center market has spurred desire for improvements in switch and server protection inside cabinets in traditional and colocation data centers. Additionally, customers want to improve data center aesthetics, all while on a restricted budget.

“The EuroFrame Cabinet solution will allow data center customers to reduce their IT spending, whilst providing adequate cable management, better control of thermal dynamics through specific in-cabinet geometries and maintaining a superior aesthetic look. It employs a simplified design with fewer technical features capable to address modern data center deployments,” stated Luca Rozzoni, CPI Sr. Product Manager for Europe.

The EuroFrame Cabinet features a static load rating of 1500 kg (3300 lb) to meet today’s data center requirements for high-density switching and server applications. The cabinet is available in several standard configurations, including 42 rack-mount units (U) and 47U, 600 mm and 800 mm widths and 1000 mm and 1200 mm depths, to allow flexibility to fit most data center designs.

Key features include:

  • Allows for scalability and network upgrades
  • Manages and protects cabling and equipment in a simple, affordable way
  • Provides open rack accessibility with security of the cabinet
  • Delivers thermal management to ensure uptime

Manufactured in Ellwangen, Germany, the EuroFrame Cabinet is the latest addition to CPI’s industry-leading server and network equipment storage solutions for data centers.

“We are delighted CPI can now offer customers in Europe a new cabinet solution specifically designed and manufactured in Europe to meet local market requirements, with the same high level of quality and innovation that CPI is recognized for around the world,” commented Julian Riley, CPI Area Sales Director for Europe.

Chatsworth Products offers complete data center solutions for customers around the globe. Visit our global website for a comprehensive product listing and details. For more information about the EF-Series EuroFrame Cabinet, visit our European website.

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