Dayforce expands its cloud-based, SaaS-delivered native payroll capabilities into Europe 

Ceridian, a global human capital management technology company, today announced that its flagship product, Dayforce HCM, has expanded its global capabilities. Serviced and supported by Dayforce’s new European office in Glasgow, organizations with European operations can now benefit from Dayforce’s native payroll capabilities.

The Dayforce Europe headquarters serves as a base for support, implementation, development and sales for customers throughout Europe. Ceridian’s in-house European expertise will provide greater insight into the challenges facing organizations operating in both North American and European markets, allowing Dayforce HCM to help customers meet their human capital management needs on both sides of the Atlantic.

“The modern world is a global one – and organizations’ HCM solutions should be able to accommodate that global reality,” said Larry Dunivan, Global CRO, Ceridian. “By investing in the Dayforce Europe business and its people, we can better respond to the complex compliance challenges of organizations operating in the UK and throughout Europe.”

Dayforce Payroll – UK brings together payroll, HR, time and attendance for UK organizations. With real-time payroll calculation, payroll and tax data is always current. Dayforce Europe’s Glasgow office will support the rollout of Dayforce across the UK and Europe.

“We are delighted to bring the full capability of our award winning Dayforce product to companies in the UK and look forward to welcoming customers to our new European headquarters in Glasgow,” said Ross Tracey, Managing Director, Dayforce Europe.

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