Ceramic Pro Partners With Carfax To Protect Vehicle Values

Ceramic Pro is helping maximize the resale value of their customers’ vehicles by reporting product installation details to Carfax. Vehicles treated with Ceramic Pro, the revolutionary liquid nanotechnology that protects paint and eliminates the need to wax your car, now are identified on Carfax Vehicle History Reports and the myCarfax.com mobile app.

Ceramic Pro protects a vehicle’s paint from corrosion, UV damage and oxidation while simultaneously enhancing its gloss finish.

Making this information available through Carfax is beneficial for both buyers and sellers. Shoppers can buy with more confidence knowing that these are vehicles a previous owner invested in to protect, and may be willing to pay a premium for them.

“We are excited to see our new partnership with Carfax reinforce Ceramic Pro products as a smart investment to preserve the visual appeal and value of your car,” says Peter Diebitsch, founder and CEO of Ceramic Pro Americas. “Adding this data to Carfax services used by millions of people every day further validates all the things we’ve been saying about Ceramic Pro, which our drivers have seen firsthand, and will help raise awareness of our revolutionary product.”

Carfax Reports and myCarfax show the type of Ceramic Pro treatment on the vehicle (i.e. paint, wheels, glass), the date of installation and that the work was done by a certified installer. The myCarfax Service Shop program puts vehicle maintenance and repair information from more than 53,000 dealer and aftermarket service locations on Carfax Reports and myCarfax.

“Taking steps to safeguard a vehicle’s fit and finish can have a positive impact on the overall maintenance,” said Vern Poyner, general manager at Carfax. “Ceramic Pro’s choice to provide these details to people who use Carfax will help them make better decisions about the cars they buy, sell and service.”

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