Central Bank Moves to Use Quod Financial Adaptive Foreign Exchange Platform

Quod Financial proudly announces that Banque de France, the French central bank, has deployed a comprehensive forex and analytical exchange platform running the Quod Financial adaptive trading technology.

Banque de France is an active member of the Eurosystem, with a strong presence in FX markets for both reserve management and institutional client services. BdF launched in 2017 a Request for Proposal (RFP) with the aim of creating an electronic trading platform to implement its mandate.

The main objectives of this new system is to minimise market impact, provide high execution certainty and transparency, and a set of tools to monitor and analyse in real-time market behaviour.

Quod Financial has been selected and has implemented the Adaptive FX platform (AFX), a highly automated FX trading and execution platform covering Spot, Swaps, Forwards and NDFs with connectivity to over 40+ venues and banks. AFX provides a set of algorithms to seek liquidity and manage market impact, with total control over the execution. AFX real-time analytical tool with intuitive visualization features allows in-depth understanding of liquidity and participants activity on a both single order, but also on an aggregate level.

MickaelRouill√®re, the Chief Technology Officer said: ¬†“Banque de France is a technology innovator and the logic of this project is to stay ahead of the rapid changes in the capital markets. Banque de France wants full control on how it provides liquidity to the market, with minimal information leakage, and powerful surveillance tools and ability to analyse events. We used Quod Financial AFX to quickly customise to Banque de France requirements. Banque de France is a leading central bank in Europe; we consider this project as a big milestone”.


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