Zwoop ICO pre-sale begins

Pre-sale beginning on the 12th September is allocated 30 percent of total Zwoop tokens for the token sale

Zwoop, the AI enabled find engine revolutionising e-commerce, today launches its ICO pre-sale, which will begin today at 10 am London Time. 600 000 000 Zwoop tokens will be allocated during the ICO sale, which is 30 percent of the total available.

During the pre-sale, tokens have a 15 percent bonus. The pre-sale follows the institutional private sale, which has so far raised $4.5 million. The entire fundraising process is capped at $30 million worth of tokens.

Zwoop is an AI and blockchain enabled e-commerce FIND engine, which will revolutionise how the customer experiences online shopping. Zwoop helps shoppers find the products they want from any retailer in the world, confirm their availability in the size or variation needed, check for the best available price and check-out with a single click. It understands products and semantics rather than links or keywords, meaning it can identify products that are the same across any website, even if the descriptions are different or in a foreign language. This will open up the whole world of e-commerce for the world’s shoppers and help bring blockchain to the mass market.

The Zwoop token (ZWP), is ERC 20 compliant and plays multiple roles inside and outside the Zwoop ecosystem. Users receive ZWP as loyalty rewards, in turn they can use ZWP tokens to pay for any product from any e-commerce retailer or to buy and sell in the second hand (C2C) market; miners running the crawling and the AI software are rewarded in ZWP tokens and merchants and advertisers can use ZWP to access and pay for enhanced B2B and B2C services provided by Zwoop. Third parties using Zwoop open APIs and Platform can also integrate the ZWP token in their services, as it is already happening with some of our business partners.

Zwoop’s CEO Alessandro Gadotti said: “We are thrilled to be launching the pre-sale and getting our future customers involved with the journey to launching Zwoop. In spite of their name, most cryptocurrencies are not actually used as a currency because they are not exchangeable  for goods and services. That’s where Zwoop is unique. By being a blockchain enabled e-commerce platform we are allowing consumers to not just pay in ZWP but a number of other cryptocurrencies for any product, from any retailer in the world. A balanced token economy should provide users with reason to buy tokens, hold them and spend them, and should allow real world usage of cryptos.By creating this true means of exchange we will help find a real purpose for cryptocurrencies and reduce fluctuations. So far we have been thrilled with the enthusiasm this idea and the ZWP token has been met with.”

For more information on Zwoop and the token sale please see the white paper. You can sign up to take part in the pre-sale here.