ZOZEN Launched Skid Mounted Steam Boilers to Meet the Requirements of Overseas Market

This January, Xindaxin Food Burma Factory signed a contract with ZOZEN on the skid mounted boiler project. The two sides reached an agreement on cooperation details and a scheme was determined that the technicians finished commissioning at factory before delivery. The boilers could be put into operation by just connecting gas, electricity and oil as soon as they were delivered to the construction field.

This type of gas-fired steam boiler is launched for the requirements of overseas market. The skid mounted steam boiler is to place all equipment such as boiler proper, economizer, burner, valves, instrument, electric control cabinet and water treatment on one or two skids to form an integral movable boiler system. All pipes and valves on the skid have been pre-installed, furthermore, the connecting pipes between the skids have also been installed in the factory, which can save installation costs for clients. This kind of boiler is especially suitable for the food industry, the chemical industry, the textile industry, the medicine industry, the rubber industry, the building materials industry, etc.

It was learned that the existing coal-fired steam boiler of Xindaxin with settings of dust collectors, gas flues, induced draft fans, coal pile and slag field covered a large area. In comparison, the total area of the oil-fired gas-fired skid mounted steam boiler is only 1/10 of the coal-fired boiler with same capacity. Besides, users can monitor the operation condition of boilers by mobile phones and computers at any time, which can ensure the security.

ZOZEN oil-fired gas-fired skid mounted steam boiler got the favor of Kenya oil giant KPC and Xindaxin Food Burma Factory with obvious advantages of skid mounted package delivery, compact structure and short installation period. The skid mounted boiler entered overseas market successfully in 2020. In future, ZOZEN will further expand the advantages in overseas market to accelerate the implementation of the international strategies.


Founded in 1988, Wuxi ZOZEN Boilers Co., Ltd. has the ability of an annual production capacity of 2,000 industrial boilers, 25,000 tons of steam. ZOZEN has obtained PRC Grade A Manufacture License of Special Equipment (Boilers), PRC Grade BR…¡Manufacture License of Special Equipment (Pressure Vessels), ASME certificates and passed ISO9001: 2000. The gas-fired (oil-fired) skid-mounted steam boiler features low-pressure installation and fully automatic and safe operation, which is suitable for the food, chemical, textile, medicine, rubber, building materials industry, etc.

Jennifer Zhou

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