Top 10 Technology Predictions for 2019 Issued by Nucleus Research

Embedded analytics, integrated Human Capital Management (HCM) and micro coaching for better customer service lead the 2019 tech predictions from Nucleus Research. A common theme of integration and closer collaboration run through most predictions, although one provides a warning for being too collaborative.

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Our predictions are founded in reality, based on deep insight from end users and the hard numbers to help our clients succeed in the coming year. With an accuracy record of over 94 percent, weve proven to be on the money in anticipating industry trends with information that helps customers make better decisions today, said Ian Campbell, CEO at Nucleus Research.

Nucleus Researchs top 10 predictions for 2019 look at opportunities and pitfalls based on the numbers that drive business. Publishing more ROI case studies than any other research firm in the industry, Nucleus works closely with thousands of end-user customers to provide an accurate picture of tomorrows trends through a numbers-driven approach. The annual technology predictions analyze and apply historical data to each prediction with a 94% track record for accuracy over the past 15 years.

The 2019 predictions include:

1. Slack Off

2. Alexa for Business

3. IBM Comes Around?

4. Best of Breed is Done for HCM

5. Embedded Analytics Dominates

6. Micro Coaching

7. Digital Transformation

8. Multi Factor Authentication Rises

9. Employees Move Back into the Office

10. PCs Become Less Important

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